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Herald of the North Wind
  Dec 21st 2021 5:16pm

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i could probably lose a whole day sitting around automating weird stuff in GennyFL! will settle with this for now, though ;D

glitchy polytonal experiment that seemed like a fun thing to try out considering all the overtones in FM.

Advent Diary Day 21:
never Genesis'd before, will surely Genesis again, especially considering that Genny is a little easier to work with than C700 as far as "DAW chiptune making" goes... between both chips there's a lot to explore! (also, i suppose Genny could be used to do SMS battles too if the YM2612 isn't used - i think i'd prefer that to SnevenTracker even with the mod)

wish i could've gotten the .tun file implementation to work, none of the files i loaded worked (got either silence or the same tone every note depending on my chosen patch).
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