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Sega Genesis/MegaDrive

cool breeze 
7th Σ5.835

face melt 
45th Σ5.004

hawt night 
15th Σ5.408

sweaty morning 
9th Σ5.496

sun in pants 
29th Σ5.090

Hard Transition
  16th/212   Σ26.833   Jul 21st 2018 9:27pm
Special thanks to Marcb0t for rendering this track in real hardware!
The previous Major made me see how much I needed to improve my technique, in terms of composition and sound design. So I decided to wrap up everything I've learned in 6 months with Deflemask (including the inaccuracy of the export :/ ) and put everything into test. I've been waiting to be able work on this song, and finally I was able to do so. I guess this won't beat Strobe, or th4d34d if they suddenly appear late for the competition, but I'm very excited for the final product. It may not be 100% close to the sounding in the DMF, but that's okay. Hope you enjoy!
P.S.: In case anyone's interested, here's the .dmf file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tAiBo4sNVZXhGDS1BmhKHtB7EgP0BYEQ
Creative Commons License

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Level 17 Chipist
post #102280 :: 2018.07.21 9:44pm :: edit 2018.08.26 1:16pm
What the... I'll pretend I'm not seeing the self favoriting.
Edit: DMF playback, if you want it: https://youtu.be/zR-Qr6fnhoc
Edit 2: About Ultima's wondering, he was refering to the percussion in the first section of the song.
Edit 3: I see some things went wrong because I was unable to have proper audio devices to check the mistakes. But as long as the musical part is not affected, I don't see the need to do something about it.
Edit 4: SILVER!? OMG, SO CLOSE! Oh man... Thank you so much, boys! I'm grateful for your support! ^^
Level 14 Chipist
post #102282 :: 2018.07.21 10:03pm
  funute and RigidatoMS liēkd this
Alright, bud. mp3 render is recorded off my Model 1 Sega Genesis VA2 with High Definition Graphics text above cartridge slot. I was forced to reduce mp3 quality to a CBR of 224kbps due to the 10MB limit of BotBs.

You can really hear some of the hardware laddering and distortion.
Level 30 Chipist
post #102286 :: 2018.07.22 12:01am :: edit 2018.07.22 12:02am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
Man, I really love this. That FM work is just beautiful, as well as the composition. I think that this has to be my favorite GENESIS tracks from this compo.

All my 7's for this.
Level 25 Chipist
post #102289 :: 2018.07.22 1:34am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
This is really good, wtf is that noise just before the sirens at the end though lmao
Level 17 Chipist
post #102296 :: 2018.07.22 6:22am
Let's say a futuristic Android killed a man. (I guarantee you, it's not supposed to be anyone)
Level 9 Chipist
post #102336 :: 2018.07.22 9:16pm
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
Damn, this is nice; it's quite admirable how much effort you put in this too, and the atmosphere here is amazing, this (especially with the sirens) definitely gives me a futuristic 80s movie vibe too, which is honestly a damn great vibe since synthwave is one of my favorite genres of music lol

what is up with that clicky bass tho lmao
Level 14 Chipist
post #102339 :: 2018.07.22 11:06pm
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
The bass is extra crispay! :D

(Fun fact: the word "crisp" starts at the back of your mouth, and ends at the very front. Try it!)
Level 25 Chipist
post #102343 :: 2018.07.23 4:49am
  marcb0t and RigidatoMS liēkd this
Very impressive sir!
Level 14 Chipist
post #102348 :: 2018.07.23 10:49am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
Bumpity Bump Bump...
Level 28 Chipist
post #102879 :: 2018.08.11 6:39am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
nice this has a chrono cross overworld vibe going on.
Level 17 Chipist
post #102880 :: 2018.08.11 6:45am :: edit 2018.08.11 6:45am
@gotoandplay It was one of my inspirations, glad you noticed it :)
Level 27 Renderist
post #103125 :: 2018.08.18 2:03am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
love the earthbound stuff :)
Level 17 Chipist
post #103127 :: 2018.08.18 7:38am
@b00daw not sure about the relation, but I'm good with that. ^^ Thanks dude!
Level 28 Chipist
post #103625 :: 2018.09.01 4:40pm
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
The atmosphere on this one is soo good. I think this is the one track where I can really hear the ladder effect and hardware distortion contribute to the sound of the track too. I love the switch-up at 3:20 too (even though the drums make me think of the GXSCC drums lol).

IMO this one deserved gold sgen, no offense to Strobe :P
Level 17 Chipist
post #103626 :: 2018.09.01 5:05pm
@funute Well, actually I think of the opposite related to the ladder effect. If you check the module playback (which link is up there), the effects actually were supposed to be way cleaner, so you could understand my choices. Fortunately, the music is what matters. And yes, I wish I had beaten Strobe. But there's a fact we can't deny: his style is what the people here likes mostly, abusing the synth sound that the YM2612 produces, and he really nails it. But I'm the guy who pays more attention for the composition, so it reflects in my song. Thank you for the feedback!

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