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//descriptioncore time//

i used the original voice, was recorded many years ago. although i tried to modify it to sound better (high passing it lol), it did not sound better as a result... it must have been the terrible quality to begin with.

this past month, i modifyed the ordering of the melody lines, recorded the lesser energy vocals, and put in a soundfonts midi track in the backgorund. i used musescore 2 lol. also yes, i have no harmony for the main vocals. well it still feels like cringe to me, but in an endearing way.

the song is about guitar (ok, it was originaly about bass but you get the idea), and it uses guitar. i hope those two facts are making this song a legal entry!! lastly, much thanks for svipal who provided the feedback for the ordering of the midi part :3

//instrumenttation// (the renders keeped cutting off some notes of the midi so i had to combine all of them. sorry if there are clicks in the audio, i did my best.)

midi chain:
timbres of heaven 3.4
hq orchestral sf collection
sonatina symphonic orchestra

instrument channnels and explanations:
power drums (for open/close hat)
power drums (for kick and snare)
power drums (did i even used this)
don's slap bass 1 (high bass)
fender strat (main chord gwitarrr)
muted elec. guitar (left pluck)
les sus 0 30 (right marcato strum)
orchestra hit (impact/misc notes)
(str) strings (awawawa)
fretless bass (bass)
reverse cymbal (did i even used this)

//lyrics time//

through eternal tribulation,
when you will ever see the sun?
something reminds you of the past, darkness may pull you down under the surface
la, la, lalala, lalala, we're often singing imagination

sun shine sets down with the lasting glow
of fy-er that never die when touched with water.
always running with a new born soul,
through power to fight the unending road

lose your blood or cross the river too,
no thing will ever limit the power of you
heating the nothingness with a soul
gives power to play the destiny notes

in int-resting situations,
stars always will watch on your run
something lies rather far ahead, should you brace yourself for a sparkk-ing skirmich
has this been foretold prev-yously? we're often thinking of praying the moon

(numbers fly as did the ancient stones,
go higher than ever before achieved with you
never fighting with a worn out soul,
with unending light!! with undying flame!!)

sun shine sets down with the lasting glow
of fy-er that never die when touched with water.
always running with a new born soul,
through power to fight the unending road

tragedy strikes when all the sound is gone
(so come with me)- learn all the knowledge it can bring

when we're joining all the hands
we stand firm
joining all the minds
we run free
never ending HEATIN ENERGY
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post #135530 :: 2021.01.27 3:15pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
luv da grit
Level 13 Chipist
post #135541 :: 2021.01.28 3:55am
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post #135551 :: 2021.01.28 9:04am
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Level 29 Chipist
post #135706 :: 2021.01.30 1:46pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
This is a great song, the singing is cute :3 and you made an awesome choice in instruments. I particularly like the Power Drum Kit sounds a lot :D.
Level 14 Chipist
post #136220 :: 2021.02.08 6:50pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
insanely badass, i'd love to hear this with redone lyrics

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