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  25th/30   Σ21.815   Mar 31st 2013 11:22am

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so please click or touch somewhere to hear things.
This song deals with the theme of the tragic destruction of beautiful landscapes during battles.
The organ sounds underline the helplessness and pure innocence of nature which is overlooked and struck by human forces in uncontrolled self-destruction, here depicted by distorted and dissonant guitar sounds which continuously take over and seemingly overwhelm the organ.
The guitars do not disappear like the organ does in the middle part. This can be interpreted as nature dying quickly after the beginning of the battle which shows that it will always be the first target and the first loss which is also quickly forgotten. Before the middle part starts one can hear the last whimper of nature to stop this madness, but no one seems to understand.

If one listens closely to the next part one can clearly hear the marching rhythms in the steady drum beat which later excites to wild rhythmic structures and intense speed to carry the sensation of an uncontrolled fight to the careful listener. This is also underlined by a wild guitar solo near the end of the song.
It does not become clear who is fighting who and the song ends just as apruptly as it started.
This shows that the outcome of a battle is always the same regardless of the side one stands on.
The battle only leaves destruction and the last outcry of its victims is all that can be heard in the end.

All in all, every listener has to judge for himself or herself what to think of the song and this interpretation.
In fact, many things could be said about this song and most of them would be just as (in-)valid as what is said here.

Really, I didn't think of this stuff when I started this track.
What I thought was more along the lines of:
"Oh, I have composed 666 tweets on twitter so far. That's nice..."
and "I should do an entry for that metal compo thingie on BotB"
and "I am too busy to do an entry for that metal compo thingie on BotB"
and "Screw being busy! I feel like making really manly metal musix!!"

So I started and it went well until:
"How can I make these TR-909 samples sound more...metal-ish...and less like hip-hop...trance...step?!"
and later
"Why am I thinking in English? Also I'm hungry!!"

So I interupted my work and had an amazing curry dish. Really it was delicious! It was with chicken and carrots in curry and rice with it with like this spicy pineapple...
Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, so I worked on the metal song and thought to myself:
"Why is this so easy? Also that curry was amazing! And I don't care what language I'm thinking in. In fact, English is probably not such a bad choice."

So it turns out that I actually had no trouble making a metal-ish song even though I have never done that before.
This has been a weird experience since I usually have a lot of trouble trying new genres and actually had no clue how to do metal except for:

...Alright I stop quoting my thoughts now.
I didn't know how to compose metal except for maybe a general idea about the instrumentation.
It needs distortion and 1/16ths on the bass drum...blabla...
Turns out that's all I needed to know which is both nice and sad.
I wish I had so little trouble aquiring any new knowledge or skill, but I guess life is neither fair nor easy.

By the way, since I'm now a metal musician, I can officially start being a dick about my own works.
So, I hereby declare that my music may not be regarded as 'normal' metal music any longer.
In fact I feel like coining my own term for a new and revolutionary type of metal I created all on my own and which has never been there before.
I declare that henceforth my metal music shall be categorized as "Preset Metal"!
Anyone who disagrees will have to face me in a bass battle.
I'm talking Amp VS. Amp!! I will slap my bass so hard, you'll feel the pain in your butt while the sound turns your insides into Goulash.
(See, this is what happens if I get hungry...f*** I'm out of curry!!)

Well...Preset Metal...because that's what it is!
I only used preset sounds from the ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer.
Oh, and there are those TR-909 machine. Seriously...I love the sounds this machine makes.
It gives me chills and just gets me in da dancemood, ya know!

The rest is just some generic amplification and panning works...nothing special. I tried some effects on the drums, but in the end they sounded best left dry.
But really, what do you expect of the TR-909. There is nothing that could enhance its natural beauty!

Oh, and you know what?
Freaking Linux Multimedia Studio crashed on me like 5 times while I worked on this song.
I guess it just can't handle the metal...
Seriously, I need to get back into trackers and back away from this program.
I know it is dusthillguy approved and really great if you just want to blast some preset sounds through your laptop speakers and annoy everyone around you, but really I kinda need to force myself into using trackers again.
I mean there are now so many trackers that I'd like to learn how to use, but somehow I just never stick to them.
I mean...there is Sunvox which seems so awesome and DefleMask which has like...a million of supported soundchips..oh and while we're at it:
Some of them do FM! I'd love to know how to actually use FM instead of messing around with the parameters for hours until I either have a
somewhat decent sound or the urge to hit my head against a wall, because nothing seems to work.
Alright, maybe I exaggerate a little...
But there are more trackers I want to try!
SIDwizard! Just need to turn on my Commodore and get going!
MaxYMizer! Just need to turn on my Atari and...oh there is a problem...
I don't have a color monitor or an Atari with an HF modulator...this sucks...why does this program need color Q___Q
Why can't I use it with my SM124...Oh well, I guess I need to build a RGB to S-Video adapter.

Alright, this is getting out of hand...(totally on purpose)
Ehm, have fun with the song...and the other ones of course...and greetings to the guys in the live stream. Thanks kfaraday, you are amazing and I'm secretly in love with your music, but I can't show it, because I already proposed to the TR-909...she refused and winked with a price tag that almost made me faint Q_____Q
So yeah, until next time and stay crunchy (cause you know mushy chips are really gross and just not good at all),

Creative Commons License

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post #26271 :: 2013.03.31 11:58am :: edit 2013.03.31 12:01pm
  Tuxxy Brown, goluigi and Grumskiz liēkd this
Wow, this description. <3

I can't wait to hear kfaraday say all that on the stream! ( *o*)

BTW, I think even dusthillguy considers LMMS a pain to use. :P
Level 28 Chipist
post #26290 :: 2013.03.31 3:25pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
kfaraday is reading this description as i comment here, thank you kfaraday and i love you grumskiz
Level 28 Renderist
post #26437 :: 2013.04.04 11:51pm :: edit 2013.04.04 11:52pm
  goluigi liēkd this
I finally could check out the livestream and hear kfaraday pronouncing it all (Good job) ^o^

It's just that it was ruined by goluigi polluting the chat. :(
Level 28 Chipist
post #26439 :: 2013.04.05 2:01am
  Slimeball liēkd this
Level 15 Playa
post #26440 :: 2013.04.05 3:57am
Unfortunately, there is an error in the text...must have overlooked it.
"Oh, and there are those TR-909 machine"
This should say:
"Oh, and there are those TR-909 samples"
Oh well....
Level 28 Chipist
post #26495 :: 2013.04.07 12:13pm
Level 21 Chipist
post #26508 :: 2013.04.08 3:00pm
I like that organ intro :))
Level 27 Renderist
post #26546 :: 2013.04.09 6:56am
spiderbots won't go hungry on this one, for sure.

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