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A rework of Baron Knoxburry's award-winning Summer Chip I entry, "grrrarrr," in the classic Neon Zenith style. Lyrics were written with inspiration taken from maxvdubs' OHB entry "After The Revolution." I'm still not sure if I'm happy with the mix but WHO CARES


Your life is so miserable, oh such a waste,
But a friendly stranger - he will be your grace,
You’re terribly fearful that you’ll make mistakes,
You watch every step like your life is at stake

And with this new life you have you’ll try your best,
but with every success you just feel more depressed,
because all your accomplishments don't matter now,
The world is still dying and you don't know how -

- you’ll ever continue, How can you go on?
You thought you were helping but you were so wrong,
What’s done is now done, You just have to believe
that it just doesn’t matter if you stay or leave,

Why does the world seem always against?
How can you justify all this pretence?
Why do you have to hide when you cry?
Are you just living a lie?

You’re sick to your stomach from all of these lies,
They’re rooted in truth but you’ve opened your eyes,
And now looking back you can see what you’ve done,
The battle is over but who really won?

You’re being controlled by a glimmering voice,
There’s nothing to do 'cause there's really no choice,
You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don't,
You want to rebel but you know that you won't -

- be yourself if you do, How could you go on?
You’re trying to help but what’s right is also what’s wrong,
But you have to believe
that you are a person the world really needs,

Why does the world seem always against?
How can you justify all this pretence?
Why do you have to hide when you cry?
Are you just living a lie?
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This song is a cover of :: Baron Knoxburry - grrrarrr

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Level 30 Mixist
Baron Knoxburry
post #66265 :: 2016.04.16 12:44am
  Neon Zenith and sc liēkd this
Dang! This is a banging treatment of my track!!

It's funny you left the ending in tact. What I really love about this track is hearing it finished. The reason instruments start dropping out towards the end is because I filled up the memory allotted for each channel. I wanted to keep composing, but the mml bank switching just wouldn't work out for me. I like the lyrics and the production is great.
Level 26 Mixist
post #66299 :: 2016.04.16 11:02pm
  Neon Zenith liēkd this
SHIT! This is awesome.

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