Fondue Galaxy Elasticity Training
  Dec 8th 2021 4:32pm

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Not to fear, sprout - ye'll get yer pilot legs soon enough... with a trial-by-fire trip through the Fondue Galaxy! That's right! What better way fer a young cheese-space cadet whippersnapper to learn than to apply yer first two years of study out in the field! It's a very special day for the Third Company of Cheddar, and yer our ace; now let's see yer full potential on display as ye navigate stylishly through precarious swiss-hole asteroids!

Everyone is watching; get out there and into the zone, just like you were taught!

Advent Diary Day 8:
wowee a third format in a row i knew jack diddly about, and fourth new program to learn... the way "ornaments" and "samples" function in vortex tracker is cool and interesting, and noise is incorporated in fun ways. i had a good time
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post #149805 :: 2021.12.09 1:43am
  damifortune liēkd this
happy to read your experiences with the new formats , also happy you had fun with this one, it shows. cool entry!

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