Yomaru Kasuga
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mix battle art

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flower power 
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spring in pants 
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Flowerful Nature
  190th/236   Σ19.702   May 10th 2019 10:16pm
Created with PicSay Pro (for Android OS)

All layer parts are:

Background: Gradient Indigo to Lemon Lemingue with shadowed clouds

Stickers that I used:
* Nature
* Easter & Spring
* Travel & Places

Text stickers:
Fonts that I used: KidPrint Bold
White font body and Black font outline.

Creative Commons License

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Yomaru Kasuga - Moringa Green Tea
Level 31 Chipist
post #110091 :: 2019.04.30 10:55am
  ovrthrustr hæitd this
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
could've been a really cool picture, if it was recorded with an actual camera and not with a potato :(
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #110093 :: 2019.04.30 10:58am
  ovrthrustr, MiDoRi and kleeder liēkd this
I see, Kleeder. This is just a standard quality of my picture.
Level 14 Chipist
post #110375 :: 2019.05.11 2:29am
  ovrthrustr, argarak and MiDoRi liēkd this
  Slimeball hæitd this
this is the 2nd time that yomaru changed the mix battle art during any battle entry period...
Level 23 Pixelist
post #110379 :: 2019.05.11 4:10am
  ovrthrustr, sc, RazerBlue6, Slimeball, raphaelgoulart and Yomaru Kasuga hæitd this
  VinsCool, kleeder and argarak liēkd this
Yeah, this makes no sense, because they're entirely different. Imagine people faving one, and then it being changed to something else they wouldn't have faved otherwise. It's unfair, to be honest
Level 31 Chipist
post #110381 :: 2019.05.11 4:59am :: edit 2019.05.11 5:04am
  sc hæitd this
also regarding some tags, which are now completely misleading
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #110389 :: 2019.05.11 5:50am
  sc liēkd this
But how? I made this picture because of the scene in the memorial park.
Level 27 Chipist
post #110393 :: 2019.05.11 6:44am
  goluigi, ovrthrustr, sc, Galgox, RazerBlue6, kfaraday, petet and kleeder liēkd this
why is this an issue? resubmitting is a feature of botb, nowhere in the rules it is said that you cannot resubmit with an entirely different content
and even if the resubmission isnt totally different, its still possible that tags/comments will still be misleading (especially for illegal entries that were fixed afterwards but will still have tags/comments pointing that it was an illegal entry)
if botb doesnt have a way to inform users which comments/tags/favs were made before a certain resubmission, as it was already suggested, that's on botb, not on the user, imo
Level 31 Chipist
post #110394 :: 2019.05.11 7:20am :: edit 2019.05.11 7:22am
  ovrthrustr hæitd this
i agree with you. its still a bit confusing if people are resubmitting a completely different entry halfway through the entry period imo. especially when it happens again every single battle. i wonder why, because i dont understand why you upload the first versions at all if you very likely do another one and replace it.

there are cases where its useful, for example when you upload an illegal entry of course or notice a small mistake, but in this case it's just confusing for everyone. idk if "unfair", like midori said, is the best word to describe it, but still... if i see a new entry i tend to listen to it / look at it and already form an opinion on it. especially if i liked the orginal idea, a completely different resubmit is just straight up disappointing.

edit: its not a big deal if it happens one time. but this is ... the 4th time yomaru did this on an entry and i slowly start to not even try to like something he is doing because i feel like its useless if he replace it with something else anyway (this entry for example how it is right now looks very cool imo, i like it. but why should i even bother, when theres a big chance that he will upload something else next week? :/)
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #110412 :: 2019.05.11 3:42pm :: edit 2019.05.11 7:26pm
  ovrthrustr, MiDoRi, Lia, Slimeball, raphaelgoulart, kfaraday and kleeder liēkd this
OK Then. For the upcoming and next battle, i'll never resubmit pictures. If I have a lots of money, i'll buy a digital camera, then go outside and took any places that I take them thing. So, All I have to do is... Transfer it to PC, Crop the picture with a square size, filtered anything, and put the text sticker. That's it.
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #110420 :: 2019.05.11 7:26pm
OK, Fine.
Level 26 Mixist
post #111471 :: 2019.06.10 1:58am
  ovrthrustr, Yomaru Kasuga and Karmic liēkd this
Were these arguments were recorded with a potato? What's going on the website looks all pixelated!
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #111521 :: 2019.06.11 8:05pm
That is your opinion for the hassle moments.
Level 18 Mixist
post #111581 :: 2019.06.14 1:10am
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
i think this picture is really nice! exercise your RIGHT TO RESUBMIT! I DID! SOLIDARITY!
Level 14 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #111585 :: 2019.06.14 4:45am

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