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  6th/300   Σ29.028   May 16th 2021 6:48am

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Hardware render from my Amiga A1200, video here: https://youtu.be/74WlXTOdX6k
Utilising a Casio GZ-50m, Yamaha TG100, Kawai PHM, Marcus Miller V7 bass and an Amiga A1200, two musical geniuses of England have declared a fashion statement towards the musical public to show everyone what they're about.
The penny has dropped, but like soap on a rope, we don't do coke (only Pepsi)

Robyn (aka tenryuu, robynmod, Robyn A1200):
This song started as a bunch of bass recordings I made, playing bass through a Zoom RFX1000 multi effects unit, an organ chord sequence and drums. GoldenDenis (aka dhr2) made an awesome melody and chorus. The song only got better from there! I hope everyone enjoys the song as much as I did working on it

dhr2 (aka GoldenDenis, dusthillresident):
When Robyn showed me the first version of the song, I was instantly amazed by the extremely funky slap bass. I suggested we collab on it and she accepted.
Then we got to work, and it was a huge amount of fun.
At first I wasn't totally confident because I'm fairly new to the protracker/.mod format, but I got used to it quickly with Robyn's help.
I actually sampled a couple of my own MIDI hardware synth modules in this song - Yamaha TG100, and Casio GZ-50M. That was fun to do, the samples turned out pretty nicely.
I also borrowed some samples from the classic .mod song "Gummisnoppis", which has a huge amount of nostalgic significance to me. I used to listen to it during car rides and stuff when I was 17, on my cheap little 64mb MP3 player.
But yeah overall this was great fun. I love collaborating with Robyn. I think we have some serious creative synergy going, Robyn inspires me a lot.
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Level 19 chipist
post #141595 :: 2021.05.16 6:51am
  mirageofher, cabbage drop, Oli and tenryuu liēkd this
Robyn's bassline and bass samples are super amazing and really inspiring, this was so much fun to work on. Robyn is super awesome
Level 9 Playa
post #141597 :: 2021.05.16 7:29am
  mirageofher, ASIKWUSpulse, cabbage drop, GoldenDenis and tenryuu liēkd this
Holy fucking shit this is an amazing music track. By the musical collaborations of yours that I have listened at so far, I agree with dhr2: You have a serious creative synergy,

This wonderful work of art, is full of magic. Congratulations for what you
two have achieved here. I am definitely looking forward for listening at, may there be, future musical collaborations between you, Robyn and dhr2!
Level 23 Chipist
post #141618 :: 2021.05.17 12:48am
  mirageofher and tenryuu liēkd this
This is how retro sound is refreshed!
I just have to state it like dhr2 and Oli has, creative synergy
A composition that sounds like it's been created with not too shabby music knowledge combined with an element that is so important - having fun!

PS I love the groove with drums, slapbass and organ - that has 90s written all over it lol
Level 24 XHBist
post #142190 :: 2021.05.31 6:26pm
Level 17 Chipist
post #142973 :: 2021.06.21 9:10am
  tenryuu liēkd this
This is excellent. It's so much fun to listen to! Good composition, great sound fun rhythms, overall funkiness!! <3

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