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Fake squares and schit
  63rd/80   Σ20.256   Mar 12th 2017 11:57am
Another tune testing out my basic waveform generator ! Half the stuff is made with sawteeth, some squarewaves of varying duty cycles and a bit of FM for bass and that twangy sound. There's actually some PSG used too for chords in the last parts.

I started 12 hours before deadline, wasted bunch of them on nothing... If I hadn't wasted some oft hose hours I'd have a little bit more beef in the empty parts, plus I would have used bunch more channels (there's like 8 unused channels).

Mix of Mega Drive and luscious PCM, made in WaveMelon Träkker. Some EQ added in Cool Edit Pro 2.0.
Creative Commons License

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Level 12 Criticist
post #80185 :: 2017.03.12 12:12pm
LOL, I did 3 loops not 2. No wonder the export took so long and file was suspiciously long, but I didn't have any time to actually listen through all of it as minutes were ticking hahahaha
Level 24 Chipist
post #80193 :: 2017.03.12 3:45pm
  AugustusBlkheart liēkd this
Cool sounds :D.
Level 23 Mixist
post #80277 :: 2017.03.12 11:40pm
there's not really much here to grab attention, and it doesn't really do too many interesting things, but it's not bad. the panning on the bass bothers me too somewhat
Level 12 Criticist
post #80283 :: 2017.03.13 12:08am
  shinichi liēkd this
I would do lot more with the track but I was lazy lol, lot of unused channels that would have got something going on in them.
Stereo bass is something most of my tracks got, but they also got another mono channel also, which this one lacks due to running out of time...
Level 23 Chipist
post #80297 :: 2017.03.13 3:03am
  Ataritufty liēkd this
Tiido I think this is pretty rad sounding, personally. Had a pretty chill vibe and the drum beat is pretty driving.
Level 22 Pixelist
post #80349 :: 2017.03.13 1:37pm :: edit 2017.03.16 3:49am
  PeachBellini liēkd this
I'll take liberty to not fully agree with Shinichi, since imo it's one of those kind of songdongs that don't really need to be overly varied, i feel like it's deliberate style choice and everything seems to be in place, it's just maybe a bit too long, but i still find it a good chill track to have running in the background, and not grabbing all your attention if you want to focus on things you're doing rather than on the music itself.

As for the bass thing, it sounds like there's a stereo ping-pong delay effect thrown at it, and it's a bit too feedback-y

All in all, good tune :3

EDIT: I just read the description, turns out like not everything was a deliberate decision, since Tiido has started right before the dedline, lol

Still, good tune
Level 12 Criticist
post #80701 :: 2017.03.16 4:15am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
Bass is :

A-2 center
A-2 left
A-3 center
A-3 right
A-2 center
A-2 right
A-3 center
A-3 left

Goes from one side to another and back pretty much. Probably sounds weird with headphones but I use these for making music :
And it sounds awesome from those hahahahaha

Thänk you ~
Level 24 Chipist
post #80906 :: 2017.03.18 12:50pm
If this was mixed in a DAW, or even if it wasn't and you can make the sound do it, the bass won't sound as jarring if you get rid of the extreme low frequencies (the pluck) at a price of having... less pluck. You can also make them a little softer.

I don't mind it like it is. If you give yourself more time, you'll make a better song, I'm sure.

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