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Fables of the Mushroom Queen Opus 56, No.1
  15th/40   Σ27.714   Apr 9th 2021 8:59pm
Movement I-Proelium 0:00 6:30

The peace of Argnarock Kingdom was truly short lived. They drew closer, but the peace had blinded them, the chance to forget the fears of mortality set back just long enough.

As the Kortinarius Kingdom saw the opportunity, they attacked, bringing with them a festering brood of evil toxic to pour across the Castle Argnarocks inner quarters.

The most elite of soldiers dropped at the inhaling of this fungi incantation, but the Kortinarians could breathe it well, and with ease.
King Correllius knew it was too late, he could only send his warrior son away before he too meet the fate of what inhaling those fumes will do. As the withering king pushed his phone out of the window, down into the flowing river, he too succumbed. All the while, remaining warriors made a last valiant attempt to save the kingdom. All the while, the blue sky paints the picture of just another day in this land of corrupt and greedy powers.

Now, at last the battle is over, the fiery echo's of his kingdom usurped, Prince Tree escapes to find the one his father spoke of, Fortuna Dami. Only the mystical wisdom of such a person can help him take revenge against the evil that ensnares the land.

Movement II-The Mushroom Queen 6:30 - 7:24

Sitting atop the throne room with glee, the Mushroom Queen is much envied.
Her claim to the kingdom absolute, her opposition she shall make mute.
And as she watches her machinations take fold, what she hunts for next, she does not need to be told.

Movement III- Viatorem Victor 7:24 - 13:20

The journey takes the prince through fields and fiends, as he must traverse through Ollam Swamp. Ominous warnings of distant danger do not yield his feet, which sink into the muddy terrain.
The legends of this estranged wildlife do not bear remembering at times such as this, and the warrior prince journeys through the peril.
Just as he makes it out through the bright light, what lies in sight but the Great Airship of the Kortinarius Empire, the Death Ship Rubellus. It sits on the carcass of a pillaged town, no civilian life remaining.

Rubble and destruction at the hands of his enemies brings a wrath to the prince. He does not wait to consider what he should do, jumping for the rope that hangs loose as the ship prepares it's assent. Upon climbing to the top, he does battle with the foul warriors, sending some falling to their demise, while others meet the wrath of his blade

Movement IV- Nimbus Upon High 13:20 - 15:27

After a long and gruelling battle, Prince Tree is victorious, and in a moment of perhaps divine intervention, the warriors demise is made not so, as the airship crashes down in flames.
He awakes in the land of clouds, thousands of miles above where most of man walks. There he sees his kingdom in the distance.

But he knows what he must do, and onward he travels, away , but to return someday. The Kortinarius Kingdom shall be challenged yet, by such valour that it has never known.
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post #140199 :: 2021.04.10 2:34pm
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f...flaminglog? o.o
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post #140207 :: 2021.04.10 11:24pm
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woah im a prince?? damn :pray:

lemme' listen to this big one right here hehe!
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post #140211 :: 2021.04.11 1:41am
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this feels VERY spc700 to me. also, descriptioncore pog. idk every section clasical, but stilll
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post #140221 :: 2021.04.11 11:00am
:000 yes tree this tale speaks of your secret heritage!

hehe thank ye fox! I used mostly mario world and ff/chrono trigger sounds for it.
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post #140229 :: 2021.04.11 12:54pm
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Deck the halls with oh crap it changed.

This was rather fun to listen to. Love me some SNES orchestra!

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