Existential Lunchbreak
  Aug 28th 2020 5:26pm
Worker experiences a moment of extreme dread in the company cafeteria...

"It'll pass, just keep smiling and actualize that shit, your identity is real, your life is meaningful, money is the essential nutrient of a thriving society, innovation is the most noble pursuit, we're gonna make the world a better plaaaceaefrgjelrgerueskukerhgkfkjglkerbgkbkjralkjrbakjrb ... ... life-hack... yoga wednesdays . .. .. ... stock options .. . .my sick apartment ... hooo wowzers! That was a close one, good thing we have these tasty energy drinks within reach at all times.. I'm feelin' recharged; time to blast out some emails and setup a meeting with the team".

All sounds come from Dexed (DX7 emulation) and Plogue Chipsynth MD (Mega Drive / YM2612 emulation ) + a bunch of samples I've collected or recorded, but most importantly: a cache of pent-up, post-corporate angst.

I swares I'm not aiming for descriptioncore every time ;-D
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Level 5 Mixist
post #126566 :: 2020.09.06 10:51am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
.Your text is best/
Level 18 XHBist
post #126935 :: 2020.09.13 1:21pm
  now_its_dark liēkd this
You should, I love descriptioncore :p nice one
Level 21 Mixist
post #126947 :: 2020.09.13 2:58pm
  now_its_dark liēkd this
wow its utter lunacy, gj
Level 13 Criticist
post #126986 :: 2020.09.14 8:58am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
Good stuff
Level 27 Chipist
post #127147 :: 2020.09.18 1:24am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
I like it this one is super dark with som lofi-juicieness!

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