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  24th/80   Σ24.168   Feb 28th 2017 10:21am
Dedicated to all fellows who wildly compose chiptunes instead of studying for exams :P

Done in milkytracker and improved in sunvox.
I'll be glad to share the source file is anyone wants ^^
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Level 22 Pixelist
post #79412 :: 2017.02.27 3:19pm :: edit 2017.02.27 3:22pm
Holy shit, this is p. great, how come it still has no likes???

Also yes, gimme teh sourcez, say no to proprietary music ;D
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79413 :: 2017.02.27 3:22pm
Hahaha this is a reupload, that's why it has no likes ;)
I can give you the xm format or the sunvox format (which has added echo effects and such), but I don't know exactly how to upload them, you could give me your email adress for example!
Level 22 Pixelist
post #79416 :: 2017.02.27 3:39pm
  Post-retro liēkd this
Galak, no, i'm not giving away my email adresses anywhere, that's what temporary file hostings are for tho. Why not to use a file hosting service like, or
Also you could always share a public link to file on DropBox/other cloud service if you happen to be using one. Or even better, consider making an account on Modarchive and submitting there, since this is the biggest module music preservation project :)
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79420 :: 2017.02.27 4:25pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
You're totally right. I've wanted to create a modarchive account for a while, so here it is:

However, the modules might take some time to be uploaded because they have to be screened by crew members first, if I understood correctly.
Level 24 Chipist
post #79435 :: 2017.02.27 7:43pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I'm having exams too, but I have to study for hard ones and then I'll do it like you when I finish them :P
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79478 :: 2017.02.28 10:23am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
I reuploaded it with some minor changes, like an arp accompaniement that was left behind in the sunvox remastering process. Hope that it sounds more 'full' to you now :)
Level 22 Pixelist
post #79481 :: 2017.02.28 10:54am
  Galak Sea liēkd this
Yeah, i like this final mix better :)
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79484 :: 2017.02.28 11:31am
Oh, very good :) It could be improved even more but I'll leave it like this
Level 25 Mixist
post #79489 :: 2017.02.28 1:18pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
Yay, sunvox! Cool track!
I totally approve the message of the track, combining studying and musicmaking is a really difficult task :C
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79493 :: 2017.02.28 1:37pm
  mk7 liēkd this
Thanks a lot, mk7 ! Sunvox is an incredible piece of software! (and it's russian ^^)
Level 22 Pixelist
post #79500 :: 2017.02.28 4:17pm
  mk7 and Galak Sea liēkd this
I just remembered that Wildchip rules permit source files, that means if you want to upload the final *.sunvox project file, you can just submit it directly here instead of MP3 render!

I've had this on loop for over an hour today, turns out it's my fav so far in the whole major............
Level 24 Chipist
post #79513 :: 2017.02.28 7:31pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
Cool song :D.
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79543 :: 2017.03.01 12:40am :: edit 2017.03.01 12:41am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
Yeah thanks Jredd yours is awesome ^^
And thanks MiDoRi that means so much to me!! I'm just afraid people won't be able to listen if I don't upload an mp3 file, but maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, I hosted the file here:
But it's only downloadable for 24 hours ;)
Level 22 Pixelist
post #79544 :: 2017.03.01 2:14am
Thanks ^_^
Actually, you can upload both source and mp3 render, that's how many people do it (look at other entries of this major, some of them are in native formats for download, and rendered songs are always available through "listen" button
Level 11 Chipist
post #79592 :: 2017.03.01 4:08pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
This feels very nice
Great atmosphere
I'd study to this song
Level 16 Pixelist
post #79593 :: 2017.03.01 4:13pm :: edit 2017.03.01 4:14pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
Oooh thanks a lot SaphireSunset :D
I never thought anyone could study to this wild chip ^^

MiDoRi, you're right, I will certainly do that in the future, but right now I don't want to resubmit and downgrade to level 5 :( yes I'm that greedy with points atm :D

also thanks guys this is the most commented entry on the major ^^'
Level 23 Chipist
post #79987 :: 2017.03.09 4:17am
  Xyz and Galak Sea liēkd this
Oh hell yeah Galak, dat bassline is on point! Nice leads and arps. Nicely done! Keep it up!
Level 23 Mixist
post #80240 :: 2017.03.12 10:06pm
  MiDoRi and Galak Sea liēkd this
the reverb is kinda overpowering for this style of song, but it's compositionally well made. bit repetitive but still fairly interesting :)
Level 16 Pixelist
post #80448 :: 2017.03.14 11:29am
  MiDoRi and shinichi liēkd this
I added all that reverb through sunvox. The original .xm file has no reverb at all, and honestly I like it much more, but people around me seemed to respond better to the reverb version. It's actually very interesting to get criticism from people who never listen to chiptunes. But I agree, I might have gone overboard with it!

Please listen to the original non-verby version here:
Level 7 Criticist
post #80467 :: 2017.03.14 1:37pm
I like the songong, but I have to say that the reverb ruins it quite a bit for me :< Still getting a pretty high score for the composition and effort.
Level 16 Pixelist
post #80489 :: 2017.03.14 5:01pm
I totally agree with you. Would you mind listenning to the non verby original version and tell what you think ?
Level 24 Chipist
post #80807 :: 2017.03.17 3:49pm
  MiDoRi and Galak Sea liēkd this
Take my 7s, alright? kthxbye
Level 22 Mixist
post #80826 :: 2017.03.17 8:19pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
Level 18 Chipist
post #83359 :: 2017.05.02 8:09pm
  Galak Sea liēkd this
I like this. Has kinda la mulanaish vibes
Level 16 Pixelist
post #83377 :: 2017.05.03 8:01am
Hahaha thanks, I had never heard of that game before, and I checked it out but I'm not sure why you said this ^^

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