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  114th/237   Σ23.037   Jul 29th 2020 10:53am
Oh hey, I actually have a compo to post here now!!!!! nice

This one was done thanks to a huge moment of inspiration that suddenly came to me while trying to answer a MSGS MIDI related question to someone on Discord on whether a overdrive guitar combined with a sawtooth would sound more "distorted" or not (weird question, I know), and since I liked how that little demonstration was going, I decided to extend it a little bit and make it a full compo!

Basically, the idea for this one (at least on my head) is essentially a timed sequence where after fighting the so-called "final boss", the self-destruct sequence would activate, and the place the character is in (up to interpretation, but I feel like a air ship would be more appropriate here) would explode, and you had a certain amount of time to escape before the place fully explodes; a simple concept, but I'm still glad I managed to do something that actually is good enough to pass as a composition haha
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Level 22 Mixist
post #124126 :: 2020.07.29 12:47pm
  Ultima liēkd this
i like your panning in this, adds a lot to the tension
Level 11 Mixist
post #125576 :: 2020.08.19 6:48pm
I was just sampling the SNES Power Rangers game, and this track would fit right in!
Level 9 Chipist
post #125606 :: 2020.08.20 7:10am
Huh, that's funny; I'm a fairly big fan of both of the SNES MMPR game OSTs (and Hiroyuki Iwatsuki's work in general actually), but that wasn't really a inspiration for me in this particular case (maybe consciously if anything, but I doubt it), so it's interesting you'd think that lol

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