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Endless Journey
  153rd/215   Σ21.935   Jan 26th 2013 12:39pm
A nearly endless song with an endless purpose: like a C64 game that goes on forever, so shall this song...
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Level 27 Chipist
post #22138 :: 2013.01.26 12:40pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
Here's a higher quality render (for a whopping 10.9 MB): https://www.box.com/s/h4zoqzj8wjcnt8xj8tao
Level 27 Chipist
post #22145 :: 2013.01.26 1:46pm
  Slimeball hæitd this
Wait, is this really procedurally generated? Or is it just really long?
Level 27 Chipist
post #22146 :: 2013.01.26 2:02pm
  Flaminglog, goluigi and Slimeball liēkd this
Nope. The song is created in GoatTracker, which is the number one reason why it isn't procedurally generated. The last part has a single channel that I added more material to than the others, thus allowing it to wander off on its own until it comes full circle ten minutes later. I have a few others that I intentionally did not sync up the loop points. Actually, the loop point went wrong when exporting to SID, so I actually had to hack the loopback points to get them to sound like the original I had made in GoatTracker! That was because I was using R1 commands, which were removed when exported. I have a few other C64 tracks that I applied non-matching loop points to, and they've gone on much longer without matching up. I use a text editor to determine for myself how many times it takes to come full circle. This one took eight repetitions of the channel 1 looping before it met channels 2 & 3 at the start.
Level 21 Chipist
post #22357 :: 2013.01.27 5:16pm
  jrlepage, HertzDevil, plrusek and goluigi hæitd this
  jrlepage, HertzDevil, plrusek and goluigi liēkd this
You made a 23 minute C64 entry!?!?! I hate you and love you at the same time... :|
Level 28 Chipist
i hated and liked doxic's comment at the same time
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post #22904 :: 2013.02.02 9:23pm
  FlashingYoshi, Xyz, Fearofdark, Soiled Bargains, Flaminglog and kfaraday liēkd this
<Flaminglog> this song is like you spend your entire life trying to come up with new ways to get into space and then you finally succeed and you're in space and you're just like "shit, now what?"
Level 22 Chipist
post #22905 :: 2013.02.02 9:23pm :: edit 2013.02.02 9:28pm
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post #22906 :: 2013.02.02 9:26pm :: edit 2013.02.02 9:32pm
  HertzDevil, Zargon, kfaraday, Soiled Bargains and Interrobang Pie liēkd this
this is literally an endless journey

also the ending is missing a stuck note
Level 28 Renderist
post #22907 :: 2013.02.02 9:32pm
  KungFuFurby, goluigi and Soiled Bargains liēkd this
I take off my hat and bow down to this song and its creator.
Level 24 Mixist
post #22908 :: 2013.02.02 9:34pm
  Jangler, kfaraday, Soiled Bargains, sethdonut and HertzDevil liēkd this
this has been a pivotal moment in my life, tho i don't know quite what it means
Level 24 Chipist
post #22909 :: 2013.02.02 9:43pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
<Flaminglog> i feel like by enduring the journey we have all grown as human beings
<Flaminglog> ready to slay the dragon at the end of the cave
<CaptBeard> Flaminglog i am happy
<CaptBeard> something in life we get stuck
<CaptBeard> forever
<CaptBeard> you never get out
<CaptBeard> you just die.
<CaptBeard> that is the meaning behind the song.
<CaptBeard> you get stuck in life and die.
<CaptBeard> the end.
Level 12 Chipist
post #22972 :: 2013.02.03 4:14am
  Flaminglog, HertzDevil, Slimeball and Jangler liēkd this
for whatever reason, this one's tagged as acmfancore... nice one, btw!
Level 12 Chipist
post #23143 :: 2013.02.04 1:21pm
I love the tags to this song :D
Level 23 Chipist
post #23326 :: 2013.02.07 10:31pm
  HertzDevil hæitd this
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Level 24 Chipist
post #23502 :: 2013.02.10 6:16am
  RazerBlue6, FlashingYoshi, Jangler and Slimeball hæitd this
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my tag has been misused literally everywhere
Level 24 Chipist
post #23979 :: 2013.02.15 7:13pm
You have a good idea at the heart of all this, particularly like the sync sounds.

SID does subtle very well, this makes me think of the Wally Beben Tetris music:
Level 20 Criticist
post #24359 :: 2013.02.18 11:50pm
Level 27 Chipist
post #24383 :: 2013.02.19 7:57am
I did indeed have an idea to use the sync sounds, and even some ring modulation. I used the filters as well, but I decided that those shouldn't be the main point of the song at all.
Level 24 Chipist
post #39498 :: 2014.03.08 8:54pm
  KungFuFurby and Rainbow Dash liēkd this
i actually kinda miss this song
Level 27 Chipist
post #43452 :: 2014.05.25 9:04am
I knew there was a good reason I favourited this. Do you have any other sid's banging about? I heard you were a goattracker user before schism!
Level 27 Chipist
post #43521 :: 2014.05.27 7:13am
  Xyz and Slimeball liēkd this
I think I misread the dates for the oldest song files I created... my first Schism Tracker song was from December 2005. I have three Goat Tracker files that I created (all of them unfiniehed, and the third one in particular being abandoned due to a serious bug). They were created in August of 2006 (I misread the date as being from 2005, hence why I stated that).

All three were never finished, and two of them are covers (one of them from Super Mario RPG). One of them is a cover of an even older song that I created in MIDI through Harmony Assistant.

That does mean I never created any .sid files in the first place of those three.

Let's start things off with the source GoatTracker .sng file for this entry, shall we? ^_^


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