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Embraceable Death
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  6th/30   Σ29.051   Mar 22nd 2013 7:25pm

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vocaloids used for choir: oliver, vy2, mew, ia
main singer is mew, w/ vy2 on backup
please enjoy!!!
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post #26059 :: 2013.03.22 7:38pm :: edit 2013.03.22 7:38pm
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im hype
Level 10 Mixist
post #26063 :: 2013.03.23 2:46am
  goluigi liēkd this
hail satan!
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post #26065 :: 2013.03.23 8:37am
  maxvdub liēkd this
Rock n' Roll Racing @ 3:46.

All sevens :)
Level 0 n00b
post #26110 :: 2013.03.25 1:23am
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god I hate you Max
Level 11 Mixist
post #26235 :: 2013.03.29 11:06pm
Really well done! Enjoyed.
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post #26277 :: 2013.03.31 1:59pm
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Interrobang Pie
post #26278 :: 2013.03.31 2:00pm :: edit 2013.03.31 2:03pm
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Love the choir intro!! EDIT: and the rest of it too!! <3
Level 25 Mixist
post #26279 :: 2013.03.31 2:04pm
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post #26316 :: 2013.04.01 6:23am :: edit 2013.04.11 12:39pm
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Awesome entry! :D
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post #26475 :: 2013.04.06 8:32pm
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post #26494 :: 2013.04.07 10:32am
  kfaraday liēkd this
i'm also hype
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post #26548 :: 2013.04.09 7:19am :: edit 2013.04.10 6:56pm
favoroni! 7up!

hail seitan!
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post #26630 :: 2013.04.11 12:12am
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post #26632 :: 2013.04.11 12:19am
  maxvdub liēkd this
wow \m/ nice and easy way to develop the atmosphere of the song. Vocaloid? wonderful usage
Level 25 Mixist
post #26653 :: 2013.04.11 10:18am :: edit 2013.04.11 10:21am
i keep coming back to this, incredibly solid writing. i'm totally inspired

edit: also, really great guitar tones and playing. what's yer gear?
Level 20 Mixist
post #26657 :: 2013.04.11 10:54am
  maxvdub liēkd this
those melodies wow
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post #26677 :: 2013.04.11 2:17pm
thanks, gyms! i used my gibson les paul plugged into a TS-9 with the drive and level turned up 2 max and tone right in the middle plugged into a vox ac30. it's not really a "metal" amp so the pedal was p necessary.
Level 25 Mixist
post #26683 :: 2013.04.11 5:25pm :: edit 2013.04.11 5:26pm
jeez, no wonder it sounds so great, that's a beautifully high quality chain! : )) how did you end up mic'ing it? i don't have any quality amps so rely on software sims and they're all complete garbage in the scope of it sounding like real lush distortion. i'm starting to think throwing an sm57 up against even the crappiest amp will give better results than software distortion.
Level 20 Chipist
post #26723 :: 2013.04.13 1:13pm
i used my pvm 45. it's a pretty handy dynamic mic that i use for p much everything. also idk about software sims all being garbage i've gotten some results i'm happy with out of guitar rig 4. mostly i love the freedom it gives me to experiment with a billion pedals that i don't actually own irl.
stuff like this basicaly:

i don't have the pedals irl to do stuff like this, although i'm sure it would sound better if i actually did lol
Level 25 Mixist
post #26724 :: 2013.04.13 2:15pm :: edit 2013.04.13 3:13pm
yea, you're right. i've been spending a lot of time lately revisiting the mix of my metal tune and really trying to nail the guitar tones i originally had in mind, namely the steve vai melodic metal lead thing i was going for. i recently tried emulating your setup via amplitube and the tone immediately jumped right into the realm of what i've been looking for (lespaul samples>screamer pedal>tube amp, thanks!). the tone i've got going right now sounds so much better, very rich and balanced! the software is doing a pretty good job : P

i guess it comes down to knowing exactly what you're looking for and how to achieve it via the real world equivalents; i can't blame bad sound wholly on software emulation. it's just, the world of guitar tones is so incredibly varied and complex that i get lost trying to find what i want. all the amp/cab/pedal sims and their presets are pretty much worthless when it comes to finding things that sit well in a mix. you really gotta know what you're doing. i guess it all comes down to experience.

btw, those are really cool tracks. so glad to have you here at botb :))

edit: jesus christ man, going through your soundcloud. sounds like you have some serious mics and pres; your sound is so warm and detailed. teach me your ways! lol
Level 20 Chipist
post #26726 :: 2013.04.13 3:42pm
did you ever think to look up steve vai's gear/rig? seems kind of obvious, but u never know...

also yea, i've gotten a pretty good feel for exactly what tones i want and how to achieve them. half the time i use amp simulation i just simulate a vox ac-30 anyway 'cause that's the sound i love. :P the freedom w/r/t having 80 billion pedals is basically my favorite feature of sims.

also thanks for the compliments. :0 like i said before all i've got is my pvm45 mic, plugged into a small m-audio DI box (don't recommend it, i get ear-splitting bursts of feedback from it occasionally, no fucking clue why). also all the drums and bass tracks in my songs are from kontakt 4 :P only real things are my voice and guitar, and occasionally my cheap casio or mandolin.
Level 25 Mixist
post #26727 :: 2013.04.13 4:19pm
haha, naw it never really hit to me to look at his gear. i think maybe cos i was too busy trying out all the METAL! lead presets in the sims and thinking one of them would surely get me that tone. a lot of them came close, but they were either too muddy or too ratty. looking at his gear now tho, sure enough there's that ibanez screamer and a classy tube amp! this was my first time ever trying to do this type of sound so i assumed the presets would know better than i about what !!METAL!!! leads sound like. goes back to knowing where the sound comes from and moving with purpose instead doing so much empiric guesswork.

i'm also finding that, mixwise, i need to modify the tones depending on how busy the section is. the thicker lead tone that sits well near the beginning is only going to mud things up and get buried when the energy is near full blast on a second chorus. but instead of eq'ing it to thin out a bit, i'm just readjusting the tone through the amp. surely beats stabbing an abusive limiter on the main stereo bus as a last minute attempt to take care of the problem(which is exactly what i did).

it's amazing that the pvm45 and an m-audio box is all that is! haha damn, my lesson today: know yourself and know your sound. it's like that idea that there's 20% of an overall effort that gets 80% of the overall result. thanks for the chat, you've given me a lot to think about. :D
Level 20 Chipist
post #26728 :: 2013.04.13 4:29pm
haha, np dude. also i think part of your "metal" preset problem was that steve vai isnt really all that metal. he shreds i guess but i def wouldn't group him or his sound in with your typical heavy metal. or at least what i've heard of him anyway. he's kinda got his own thing going i guess.

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