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Distant Peak
  7th/19   Σ27.649   Sep 11th 2022 3:03am
This was pretty fun! Trying to capture a feeling of vastness, excitement, fear and awe.

All custom timbres, save for a few of the drums; edited with SoundDiver. Captured from hardware, though it actually sounds a bit better in munt for this one.

I also noticed that a couple of the sounds are fairly altered, depending on which variant is used— the 1.07 mt-32 "old" firmware vs the later hardware revisions.. It must have been annoying to program and compose for this synth on commercial projects.. so many inconsistencies are present between the versions.


Here is a little narrative snippet which was floating around in my head as I worked on it:

Our team had been planning the trek for over a year, working out the logistics on weekly video calls, during the narrow window where our respective timezones overlapped. We knew from the start that some of us wouldn’t make it to the top, since the amount of gear each of us could realistically carry had to withstand past the point where it could it get them back safely, if anything failed or broke. But every one of us had the hope that luck would be with them, that their equipment would hold long enough to get to the safe zone, where they could complete the grueling final ascent, to the very peak of mount thirty two.

Many of us met for the first time at the RIA (Roland International Airport), jet lagged and surging with nervous energy. After the the trucks were loaded, some of us drank and sang and made a mess of ourselves. It was our last night to feel a semblance of ease, before embarking on the most daunting undertaking of our careers. We all knew full well, just how much danger was ahead, that the odds of success were not remotely in our favor.

The morning of the trek, words were hardly spoken, just the practical necessities. Marta kept laughing quietly to herself, Jo kept their eyes closed during the whole ride, seemingly closing off from the reality until the moment when it was actionable. I peed myself a little, from the potent mixture of giddy anticipation and absolute terror.

As we turned the last corner of the absurdly steep mountain roads which lead to the pass, the peak showed revealed for the first time— a jagged shard of pure silicon, piercing the clouds above. An even quieter silence fell, as the sobering reality became completely tangible to each of us.

After final satphone calls to our loved ones, we were underway.

The last traces of the truck engines faded and all that remained were the crunch of our boots in the snow and the the wind, blasting fiercely through gaps among the icy crags.

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post #160762 :: 2022.09.13 2:18pm
good take! i like how this one is viewing the mountain as a hard, daunting experience, most others so far have been happy (which is good in its own way)
Level 20 Chipist
post #160772 :: 2022.09.13 3:00pm
Thank youu! When I tried to imagine attempting a climb of the mountain depicted in the battle cover image, it didn't seem like it would be super chill hehe, looks pretty hardcore
Level 30 Chipist
post #160798 :: 2022.09.14 2:12pm
  now_its_dark liēkd this
someone gave 65daysofstatic an mt-32
Level 11 Criticist
post #160810 :: 2022.09.15 1:58am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
Space Mountain
Level 0 n00b
post #161076 :: 2022.09.24 9:58am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
Deep form
Level 30 Chipist
post #161112 :: 2022.09.25 9:03am
  now_its_dark liēkd this
Woa this iscery chilled out and a little uncertain like a real mountain.
Level 20 Chipist
post #161557 :: 2022.10.08 11:28pm
Damn, in case anyone downloads the midi file here: I must have been too sleepy when recording the final midi data to notice this issue— it seems like the file's PPQN is lower than it needs to be, compared to the original arrangement, or maybe the recorder was not quite able to keep up. Either way, some of the tiny offsets used to prevent note-drops are not present. If you play it with hardware or via munt with the true (32-note max) polyphony setting, it will drop a few notes.
Maybe it's time to setup a less arcane workflow for capturing midi data lol.

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