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cool breeze 
13th Σ5.702

face melt 
55th Σ4.776

fun in sun 
36th Σ5.112

excite the night 
74th Σ4.766

burning pants 
52nd Σ4.782

  37th/205   Σ25.136   Aug 21st 2016 4:31am
Summer break is almost ending, you gotta leave that strange town and the girl you met there. You enjoyed playing games and hanging out with her. It was so fun you could say it made your entire life worthwhile.
But nothing lasts forever. You gotta take the train back home.

Just as you step into the train, the girl calls out your name and runs after you. After soaking your shirt with tears, she takes out her ribbon and gives it to you, insisting that you had to promise you'd bring it back on the next summer.

It's a promise, don't be an asshole and bring it to her.


Made this aiming for a visual novel ending/credits setting.

MML script written in Notepad++, compiled with PMD. Used hoot for playback.
Used 6 FM Channels and 3 SSG. No ADPCM or Rhythm Sound Source were harmed during the production of this song.

MML Source:
Creative Commons License

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Level 18 Chipist
post #71288 :: 2016.08.21 5:21am
  DBOYD, Yukari and pedipanol liēkd this
this is the best pc-98 song i've ever heard aaaaa reading the text with the song playing actually made me cry (which no yu-no song has ever did)
this is such a story-telling song. you got so damn good at writing
i hope this ranks high enough! (global since this obviously will win the category)
Level 4 Playa
post #72406 :: 2016.09.12 8:12am :: edit 2016.09.12 8:13am
  pedipanol liēkd this
muito bom!
I would love to learn PMD one day.
Love that sound! keep up the good work!
Level 19 Chipist
post #101629 :: 2018.07.06 1:47pm

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