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organic produce 
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razor leaf 
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cool pastures 
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wood in pants 
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Crush the line
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Progressive music is my life and I need to improve this song to its maximum. It's in progress, so I really need constructive comments for an optimal result. I'm not in the "bit-music" mood yet, so I want to finish this song project before to get in the same one as all of yours. I thank you allready and I hope to be interesting, even if I allready admire lot of composers here.
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post #66642 :: 2016.04.27 10:59am :: edit 2016.04.27 11:02am
  goluigi and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
Hey there! The bytebeat category is for music that fits the bytebeat format. This should've been submitted in the allgear category. This website can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, so this is understandable.

I'll see can get puke7 to move the song over to the appropriate category.

Anywho, welcome to BotB! :D/
Level 5 Mixist
post #66653 :: 2016.04.27 2:31pm
Off course : Using FL Studio 11 and its soundbanks is far from the ideal and far from the concept of "Battle of the Bits". It's why I said in the song comment my will to change my approach of music afterwards. From now, I'll stop suing what I used and I'll begin using what must to.
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post #66654 :: 2016.04.27 2:34pm :: edit 2016.04.27 2:57pm
Oh no, your entry is perfectly acceptable regarding allgear format rules!
However, there are multiple categories in this battle, the one you submitted to, bytebeat, is a programming-oriented format. Allgear is an "any kind of music goes" format.

Edit: You should be good to go now; it's been moved to allgear~
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post #66665 :: 2016.04.27 6:30pm
Level 29 Chipist
post #66673 :: 2016.04.27 9:38pm
well dam @_@
uh not too sure what to do about this one ahah
Level 5 Mixist
post #66675 :: 2016.04.27 9:50pm
  OrdinateIsDead hæitd this
Damn, after being a burden for my parents, here, I'm the same for you!!! XD
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post #66716 :: 2016.04.28 11:59am :: edit 2016.04.28 11:59am
  goluigi liēkd this
You're no burden! We're all n00bs here on BotB O:
gratz on level 2 btw :D :D/
u should stop by IRC n' say hi if you haven't already ^O^
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post #67819 :: 2016.05.19 12:51am
  sethdonut, Savestate and gotoandplay liēkd this
The composition is cool and the sounds are interesting. My criticism is that the whole song sounds like it's clipping at many points. There is obvious distortion on a lead which is good but when the whole song starts to crackle I think it takes away from the experience. Make sure the waveform isn't being pushed into the red. If it sounds quiet experiment with compression and limiting to get "loudness" without the clipping.

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