Cookie Jar Hacker Guy
  Dec 12th 2021 7:31pm

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if you collect enough cookie crumbs from the bottom of the jar for a long enough period of time, it really adds up to a lot of cookies, or so this guy says every time he empties the jar...

Advent Diary Day 12:
somehow i guessed tiny module was going to be the format... without even considering the date correlation. it just seemed right. anyway, i tried to do the thing where all the content is loaded into one set of patterns and you switch the channels off and on; this attempt is probably crude but i enjoyed figuring out how i was going to accomplish that!
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post #149940 :: 2021.12.12 6:05pm :: edit 2021.12.12 6:06pm
that's a neat idea, i dont think there's a better way of doing that

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