Cold City Night, Snow on the Sidewalk
  Dec 9th 2021 4:05pm

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a song about walking down city streets in the snow on a cold, cold night in the dead of winter

Advent Diary Day 9:
obvs happy to have midi in the advent roster - definitely expected it considering its popularity in 2021, wish granted :)

don't have as much to say about my track today so here's a different topic: i was inspired to attempt a completionist run of advent calendar 2021 by blue.nocturne, who did an amazing run from day 4 onward last year, and managed to produce all sorts of great stuff with software he had no idea about before... and nearly won with a ghibli pastiche :')

i remember all that stuff super fondly and was really impressed at what he pulled off; so this completionist run attempt is dedicated to blue.nocturne and his exploratory spirit!
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that last part what

edit : liked this TWICE because thats how good it is. (im not tripping i liked this twice right)

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