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Cliff [NSF 2a03+vrc6]
  18th/272   Σ27.662   May 15th 2022 2:46am
I wrote this piece while having in mind a scene where someone is sat on the edge of a cliff
Even though it is alone, there are two paths of footsteps leading to him.
The reason being that its close friend came here shortly before and ended its life without telling anyone.

The remaining character will then join it. (It's supposed to end on a "Bonk", but lack of time made me take a quickest way to end that track.)

This track contains a very high amount of detail, but sadly, I procrastinated on it the whole month, so I'll release it as unfinished as it is because it's 5:28am here, 9 hours left, and I probably wouldn't do well with this time left anyway...

I feel like placing a suicide prevention spot over there. If you think about dark stuff, it's strongly recommended that you talk about it with other people, or a suicide-prevention service that can be found online.
Depressive feelings can deform the reality in our minds and lead to taking decisions based on invalid statements, which is why talking with others can help seeing the reality without a depressive filter.

I myself don't want to end my days, and besides a quite sedentary lifestyle, a kinda unstable sleep schedule, high degree of procrastination, and... Well, uh, I can't really say I'm fine, at this point :'O Anyways...
I simply appreciate the subject of "mental pain" such as emotional distress in fictive works [As long as it's well made].
Although I hope some people could eventually cry to such works of mine, I don't really want it to be the cause of lifeloss so I hope yall would be aware of all that.
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post #156268 :: 2022.05.16 10:49am
this has peak 2014 nsf energy
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post #156585 :: 2022.05.22 10:51am
your fami writing is some of my favorite of all

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