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  13th/27   Σ26.135   Sep 30th 2020 11:47pm
Kepler-1649c Expedition Day 6 | Science Division Report

Our sensors started showing irregular readings around the same time that the coms dropped out. It seemed likely that whatever this place was, there was something generating a strong EM field. We continued on for an hour or so when the lights popped and suddenly, we were blind. It was then that a strong wind began to emanate from the cavity before us, so warm that we could feel it through the suits. There was a loud, high frequency tone and blinding flashes of orange light that bounced chaotically across the jagged walls.
We began to run, it was a primal, unspoken collective act; we knew it was time to go— as quickly as we could manage. Hours passed in silence, sweating and scrambling back the way we came through the cave complex, stumbling doggedly together; noticing that one by one, our companions were disappearing. Ahead, the light of the outside became visible; it was the most inviting sight one could imagine.
After a few steps safely from beyond the cave entrance, I turned to see that I was alone, my suit coated in a brilliant orange powder, seemingly organic, like a mold or fine lichen. No amount of scientific curiosity could ever compel me to return to that place.


Guess this is just a thing I'm doing— making little concept narratives to go along with every submission :-)
Thinking I might have gone a bit overboard on the sound design to the sacrifice of overall coherence, but it was pretty fun to try and push this chip as far as I could. Never have worked with it prior to this, made with deflemask.
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post #128244 :: 2020.10.10 2:38pm
  now_its_dark liēkd this
This one's great! I love the kind of understated feel of it. It doesn't need to hit you over the head with how good it is.
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post #128279 :: 2020.10.11 9:11am
  now_its_dark and Xyz liēkd this
The descriptioncore fits the song well, nice experiment. ^^

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