Level 14 Chipist
Sega Genesis/MegaDrive

solar power 
34th Σ4.489

naked power 
36th Σ4.322

cool breeze 
41st Σ3.915

face melt 
32nd Σ4.186

burning pants 
41st Σ3.733

  38th/56   Σ20.645   Aug 15th 2015 6:23am

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This is what ButtSex feels like. It's not really buttsex, I just don't have names for my musix. I just love listening to the song, and a name NEVER comes to mind for me.. so.. can I have a friendly person to name my trackz from now on?

porting XPMCK to OSX, learning MML + Sega sound chip, and making the song took place in 3 days, leaving no room for learning FM synthesis :( I SHOULDNT EVEN BE HERE RIGHT NOW. I SHOULD BE RIDING MY BIKE OUTSIDE.


mic_ for creating XPMCK. I ported it to OSX and fixed a VGM export bug --

Joltik for bringing me to ESPER:#mml [no thankies necessary you say but I thank you anyways!]

Xyz_39808 from ESPER:#mml for help teaching me MML and working with me through very advanced/intense ideas. ie The copy-C-channel with D in pulse wave mode tuning issue.. which we learned was associated with AudioOverload's inaccurate emulation of this feature.

XPMCK manual + PPMCK manual's creators.

Cessor for being someone to talk MML with.

BotB Mumble peoples [and local mute]

playing Kirby's DreamCourse on RetroArch with NoodleB.

Electron00b and our recent outing for inspiring this song.

Shoutz for making the drums to this song with my two index fingers on the edge of my desk.

Power Strike II for inspiring me, and giving me arpeggio ideas. The compositions in that game are insane. I love them so much. Thank you so much XYZ for linking me that song
when we met.
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Level 14 Chipist
post #59263 :: 2015.08.15 6:25am :: edit 2015.08.15 3:57pm
  anewuser liēkd this
mml file is in mu butt
MML source
Level 27 Chipist
post #59572 :: 2015.08.28 1:44pm
  bazz liēkd this
lots to like :) yeah sure its sms, but it is a subset of the megadrive sound so still technically legit!
Level 27 Renderist
post #59627 :: 2015.08.29 8:09pm
  bazz liēkd this
nice pulses. noise channel has a lot more up its sleeve than shown.

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