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NES/Famicom 2a03 w/ Expansions

cool breeze 
2nd Σ5.958

face melt 
7th Σ5.784

hawt night 
1st Σ6.110

sweaty morning 
2nd Σ5.735

sun in pants 
3rd Σ5.506

Burnie's Groove
  2nd/230   Σ29.093   Jul 25th 2019 11:26am
burnie's here to set the dance floor on fire.

- konami VRC6
- bait-and-switch
- expressive timing tricks
- circle of fifths abuse
- a blatant mega man 2 reference
- some samples I stole from gusdabeast (who also probably ripped them from keffie? idk. please enlighten me)
Creative Commons License

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Level 11 Mixist
post #112901 :: 2019.07.25 11:37am
  gusg21 and petet liēkd this
Reminds me of my childhood somehow- I was born in 2003 so I define my "Childhood" as being between 2009 and 2014.
I don't get it either.
Level 30 Chipist
post #112902 :: 2019.07.25 11:37am
  TrippleP, ovrthrustr and petet liēkd this
wow, my brain just connected Burnie and your avatar.
sorry if this is not what you wanted, but your avatar's name will be Burnie for me from now on.

very cool track. i like all the changes and variation. also nice to hear some classic petetcore vibes at some points while it still feels like something completely different at other parts. also lol at the dpcm samples at the beginning
Level 26 Mixist
post #112905 :: 2019.07.25 11:47am
  kleeder liēkd this
@kleeder i'm perfectly fine with that headcanon haha
Level 22 Chipist
post #112910 :: 2019.07.25 2:26pm
  petet liēkd this
While I think this is really good composition-wise, I think that the overall sound design is underwhelming and therefor didn't make me enjoy this to the fullest
Level 12 Chipist
post #112919 :: 2019.07.25 7:31pm
  petet liēkd this
Awesome! I really like this! Really groovy and catchy!
Level 8 Mixist
post #112925 :: 2019.07.26 12:48am
  petet liēkd this
i really enjoyed this, i hope you place well this is awesome
Level 15 Chipist
post #113050 :: 2019.07.28 8:19pm
  petet liēkd this
Level 17 Mixist
post #113552 :: 2019.08.20 6:40pm
  petet liēkd this
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funky, great dynamics
Level 9 Mixist
post #113812 :: 2019.08.31 8:29am
  petet liēkd this
Hey Petet, could I use this music for an animated project?
Level 23 Chipist
post #113873 :: 2019.09.01 1:37pm
  petet liēkd this
Excellent polish. Totally killed the funky grooves. It'd be cool to hear remakes of this on other formats from you. Only thing is that first single-note pattern you used sounded really derivative of something I've definitely heard before. Personally, I think varying the note choice or rhythmic structure would help differentiate that.
Level 13 Chipist
post #114030 :: 2019.09.07 2:44pm
  petet liēkd this
REAL nice track
Level 13 Chipist
post #115399 :: 2019.11.06 10:12am
  petet liēkd this
ah haha, the samples are originally from the sonic 3 soundtrack :))
Level 10 Mixist
post #119989 :: 2020.05.04 12:24pm
  Jakerson and petet liēkd this
i can't stop listening to this! this track is insanely funky + catchy and I love the "circle of fifths abuse," really smooth!

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