Brumal Séance with Kitty Heaven
  Dec 15th 2021 2:22pm

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Once a year, since time immemorial, the village of cats has hosted a very special winter festival in which the circle of elders attempts to commune with the spirits of long-passed wise felines of yore, who in turn pass on ancient wisdom.

It is said that the old gods granted this unique brumal power to the catfolk in the Age of Fire as a gift for their unwavering fealty, and with such power the catfolk were able to prosper, year after year...

Advent Diary Day 15:
(tried to write a description like a Dark Souls item blurb lol)

this format is NOISY AS HELL but once i got the whole mess of programs set up that you need to convert from .xm, it was pretty smooth to work on. not my favorite, but hey, it wasn't bad or anything, and my end result is decent. i figured since the only effect you can use is Fxx/speed change, i would use it all i could!

it is interesting that this machine wasn't even set up to make music but is ultimately able to produce 3 note polyphony and some noises. no matter how noisy it sounds, that is impressive!
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