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flowers in pants 
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Bolero and Fugue in A♭ minor
  24th/199   Σ26.475   May 5th 2018 7:46pm

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After more than ten years without touching a MIDI, I'm very happy to be back at it again, thanks to BotB.

This bolero belongs to the Cuban form, very popular in Latin America as romantic music. If you're looking for similarities with Ravel's chef-d'œuvre, you won't find any. Popular songs of this genre include "You Belong To My Heart" (Spanish title: "Solamente una Vez") or "Bésame Mucho".

This MIDI was made with Sekaiju. I really felt as if I was traveling back to the past when I used to write these songs with Cakewalk. Speaking of which, the bolero was a WIP that I left unfinished back in... 2007! It was originally composed for fancy soundfonts, but I was gladly surprised at how good it still sounded with the underrated Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. The ensemble consists of a piano, two guitars, a fretless bass, strings and Latin percussions which include maracas, congas and bongos. This same ensemble (minus the bass and the percussions) follows the bolero with a fugue, just like baroque composers used to do.

Why A♭m instead of G#m? At some point, the bolero modulates to the paralel major, and I use mostly the harmonic minor. Both cases would have needed double sharps, which unnecessarily complicate things.

Enough talk for today. I hope you enjoy my return to the MIDI world, and I also hope that I have not gathered too much dust in this format after 10+ years.
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post #98906 :: 2018.05.05 9:54pm
  Titan of Plasma liēkd this
ohhh my gaaawd man, when the drums and guitar part come in this jumped from a 5 to a 7 real fast. So beautifully done, insanely impressive stuff.
Level 24 Chipist
post #98949 :: 2018.05.06 2:31am
  Titan of Plasma liēkd this
This is beautiful
Level 8 Mixist
post #99305 :: 2018.05.09 2:57am :: edit 2018.05.09 2:58am
  Robyn and Titan of Plasma liēkd this
>> Our glances crossed for a fraction of a second, and I would swear she smiled. She then disappeared behind a group of people. I looked for her for the whole evening... And when all hope seemed lost, she suddently appeared right in front of me, with two red flowers in her hands. In a swift move, she shoved them in my pants.
Level 10 Chipist
post #99869 :: 2018.05.16 3:20pm
  Titan of Plasma liēkd this
I like this but my right ear feels lonely at the beginning :(
Level 25 Chipist
post #99987 :: 2018.05.18 12:11pm
  Titan of Plasma liēkd this
absolutely beautiful
Level 23 Renderist
post #100244 :: 2018.05.21 8:33pm
  Titan of Plasma liēkd this
Definitivamente es bolero. Me pusiste a llorar y con ganas de la cervesita y la chela jejejeje.

que bueno promociones el género, y quería ver a alguien alguna vez hacerlo en "chip" (aunque sea midi).

te felicito. juraría me suena a algun tema de bolero (o sea, he escuchado discografías enteras del género jej)
Level 20 Chipist
Titan of Plasma
post #100245 :: 2018.05.21 9:40pm
First, thanks, guys, for all your comments and feedback.

@anewuser: Gracias de corazón. Efectivamente, no es ningún tema en especial o inspirado en alguno; más bien una obra donde quise capturar la esencia de "todos" (o casi todos, jeje) los boleros.

Eso sí, algunas progresiones de acordes son comunes en muchas canciones del género, en especial el I - ii7 - iii7 - iii♭7, la cual diría que es su "sello característico" (además del ritmo que llevan las congas).

Me alegra que te haya gustado.

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