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Blakari's Through The Heck Of Chickens Experience
  48th/112   Σ23.333   Apr 11th 2019 8:07am
Plot section begins here

Blakari (Black Akari) needs your assistence! You must help her fight through the horrendous hordes of hideous creatures and succesfully dwell her way down into the depths of heck and back! But before that you must steal the key to the Heck House and that cannot be an easy task, especially when inside is guarded the legendary Chicken Pit... If you wish to escape the Chicken Pit, you gotta trust in yourself!

When you're in the heck you'll have to find numerous switches to activate in order to escape. It is encouraged to progress with caution, as things may suprise you around the corner!

Upon finally exiting heck you will be greeted by a familiar person for the last time... What happens then? Do you have what it takes to commit a heroic act despite the heavy pressure that the mysterious eggs will lay upon you? Does the upcoming chicken generation have a new hope in you, or will you let everyone down with your actions? It's up to you...

See you at Chicken Garden, although I'm not expecting you to arrive on time!!!
~ FF

Plot section ends here

Important: Do NOT use PrBoom or GLBoom to run it (as they may cause graphical errors with custom visuals, and lack BGM support). The game is aimed at and tested on the original BOOM 2.02 DOS binary. If you don't know how to get things running in a DOSBox environment, follow these steps:

Get Doom2.wad

1. Move blakari.wad and Doom2.wad to the boom directory (e.g. D:\boom202)
2. Open DOSBox and type in the command mount C: your_dir_here (e.g. mount C: D:\boom202) then press enter
3. Type in C: and press enter
4. Type in BOOM.EXE -iwad Doom2.wad -file blakari.wad and press enter

If you ABSOLUTELY have to use a Windows port, then use GLBoom+ (not PrBoom+ or any of the ones that don't have a plus in them)

Recommended playing settings: Normal difficulty, Gamma level 0 (or OFF), and music volume turned all the way up!!! (it's so damn quiet otherwise)
I strongly recommend using WASD+Mouse control scheme (this is not required but only if you have MASTERED turning precision & the 180 degree flip on KB)

Initial gameplay position should look like this <<<--- !!

The map can be separated into five distinct sections that can be used to track your progress:
1. The beginning
2. Entering Heck House (mid section)
3. The heck
4. Escaping the heck (mid section)
5. Chicken Garden

Note: It's literally my first Doom map ever so plz excuse any beginner mistakes :3 (is the progression too linear?) ... And I've never played Doom/WADs before so I cannot say whether it's too hard/easy/long/short on the community standards.

Also when the music stops in the title screen the game exits with "Segmentation Violation" error message. PrBoom and GLBoom will just freeze. This is nothing to worry about, you have plenty of time to start the game before the crash happens. Obsolete info, the demos are now fixed and loading them won't (probably) crash the game.

Note: The level has a section where enemies will come out one after another out of two dark rooms that are out of reach. The order in which they appear is pretty random and some of them might tape up to 30 seconds. If you're going for 100% wait some time to make sure all of the enemies have "spawned" before proceeding.

Handy Tips:
1. Your movement speed almost doubles when running diagonally (not required almost anywhere but helps a lot if you need speed)
2. Chicken's collision area extends up indefinitely (also applies to enemies and all other objects that have collision)
3. To easen navigation in the blue room, examine shades from the corners (you're searching for a switch)
4. The level contains a labyrinth section which is constructed in a way that makes it impossible to escape if you follow a linear sequence (LRLR, RRLLRRLL, etc.) but if you take random turns you're guaranteed to escape - to make it fair the level has a hidden clue of the optimal route to take This feature was cut because implementing it would have been too complex so it's just a regular maze instead (the hint still exist in the level and is quite obvious and easy to spot)
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Level 27 Chipist
post #109734 :: 2019.04.14 5:16pm
  Post-retro liēkd this
Looking at gameplay video through the stream, this feels like a parody of censorship.
Level 5 Mixist
post #109805 :: 2019.04.18 10:10am
  argarak and Lia liēkd this
Ugh, I really want to like this map but right now i'm stuck at the part with the pushing floors >:v Here's a hint for future maps: doom isn't a platformer and wasn't made for platforming type level geometry, ESPECIALLY really small platforms with somewhat rapidly scrolling floors...
Level 23 Mixist
post #109808 :: 2019.04.18 3:45pm :: edit 2019.04.18 4:20pm
I see, I just happen to frickin love all kinds of platforming in video games, and honestly hearing about the conveyor belt feature was a major "selling point" for me to get into Boom. It gave me so many new ideas and possibilities (you're lucky that Boom didn't introduce jump pads), but yeah I see how the pushfloor sections might overall dominate the map design.

By the way, are you talking about the part with chickens (very early in the level) or the wooden house one? The latter consists of 5-6 rooms (each with their own gimmick!) full of challenging conveyor belt action, but it's like in the late-mid part of the level, depending on which order you choose your routes.

Here's a clip of a little walktrough video I made showing how to beat the wooden house section. It includes a secret too so don't watch if you don't wanna get spoiled. It's got a few mistakes here and there but gives you the general idea on how to beat it. My personal record for that part is something like 1 minute 40 seconds. At the very end you can get straight to the exit from the narrow platform (I tried to pull it off in the video) but it's quite a task when you're in a rush (as you can see from the video; I fell down)
Level 24 Chipist
post #109874 :: 2019.04.21 12:44pm
  kleeder and Lia liēkd this
Well I was supposed to comment on this earlier since I played it before but never got around to it, but now since I've actually finished voting everything else I guess I have to heh

I think the music is good and so are the kinda weird sound effects. I'm really impressed on how many textures you changed and I generally like the odd look of everything (I can even appreciate the horrific retextured Lost Souls and Pain Elementals, wasn't expecting that lol).

First playthrough, got to 'heck' but I didn't go through the platforming bit because I thought that was optional (there wasn't any way to tell) so I go through another way, defeat a shit load of enemies and basically get no-where in the end, I get stuck in this area with the kinda spiral staircase and I can't even get anywhere after it, which is slightly annoying tbh when you just trap the player due to map design.

So I give it a shot again, and I go through heck and actually go through the platformy bit (I may or may not have used noclip here out of frustration, I have to agree with Therektafire2's comment here) and I actually manage to get to the Chicken Garden after being flung out of the heck house and going through the maze (I very much appreciate the claustrophobia that gave me). To be honest I kinda gave up after that because I just wanted to stop pouring in hours into completing this WAD hehe.

I am really impressed and I know this took a lot of effort to make, this map is huge and quite complex, but it's not really for me. In my opinion, it's just not that fun, but I don't really feel rewarded for completing really irritating bits in video games (think Veni Vidi Vici in VVVVVV). It is a really cool and unconventional WAD though, it's just not something I'd describe as 'enjoyable'.

(sorry for the wall of text, can't help myself from being too verbose lol)
Level 23 Mixist
post #109876 :: 2019.04.21 1:15pm :: edit 2019.04.21 1:34pm
  argarak liēkd this
You need to go through both paths to "officially" exit the place. Both paths have a button at the end that ascends one of the blocks that you use to get to the yellow door and one of the buttons can be found in the "hub" area.

When you talk about the spiralling staircase, did you notice the room next to it? I think I put blue potions on the platform where you have to jump as a hint. There is a button in that side room which opens a door in the main room, at the end of the staircase. You should hear the door opening/closing all the way from the side room so you know you have to get there very fast (Shift = Run) before it closes again. The button can be used infinite times. There are no "intentional" traps like this. The only intentional "traps" are lava pits that you would only fall into if you're not paying attention (e.g. a lava pit that has no obvious escape route visible). By the way, the lava pits in the side room can be escaped.

There is also another "secret" button in the side room, and it opens a pathway farther away. You will know if you're about to leave the place and haven't found it yet, so you can go search for it if you want some bonus.

PS: The new visual of Pain Elemental is a reference to a certain video game that you should be familiar with if you were a PC gamer in the 90s!
Level 24 Chipist
post #109878 :: 2019.04.21 1:40pm
  Lia liēkd this
Oh I see, I didn't realise that the button had two functions, since I think it was the same button that opened another section in that side room, thanks for clearing it up and sorry for assuming that it was due to map design and not my error!

I'll try to complete this WAD tomorrow where hopefully I'll have better luck then hehe
Level 26 Mixist
post #109900 :: 2019.04.22 3:36pm
  Lia liēkd this
don't think I'll get around to playing any of the .wads before voting ends, but this looks like some seri oil us kaizo shit

major props.
Level 18 Criticist
post #110011 :: 2019.04.28 9:52am
  petet and Lia liēkd this
This is... an experience.
Took me about 2 and a half hours to beat.

The censor beep sound effect gave me a headache and It's possible to get stuck out bounds in the first part of the level.

I keep playing because of the weird and intentionally janky atmosphere.

The platforming sections aren't nearly as bad as people say they are.
I think the part Therektafire2 was complaining about was a part you
can't even go though.

I did run out of ammo in the "Chicken Garden" section and had to redo that part by playing more carefully and exploiting infighting.
I spent minutes trying to get the "cyberchicken" to fight with the
"hen mastermind" only to realize that the hen doesn't attack.

Definitely the most memorable boom level in this battle.
Level 23 Mixist
post #110012 :: 2019.04.28 10:30am
  argarak and Post-retro liēkd this
Gotta appreciate you a lot for putting the effort to beat the entire map. I think it took you less time than it did when I initially playtested it.

Also you're a platforming god if you say those sections didn't hurt at all (or maybe everyone else just sucks!)
What part do you exactly mean "you can't go through"? Chicken Pit in the start area or a later area?

Making the last boss attack would have maybe been too brutal after everything the player has to go through.

About the oob, does it have something to do with the castle window? Originally I wanted to make the step 24 units high so when you shot the enemies they would sometimes fly out of the window in a cool way but I kept unintentionally falling out of it myself so I had to make it slightly higher than the step thereshold, but I guess I didn't pay attention to the staircase nearby which could be used to jump on the window ledge, and therefore forgot to put a blocking wall to prevent entering oob from top of the brick wall.

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