Sep 16th 2020 3:59pm
||A SnevenTracker Joint||

shup ut and listen, alrighty, uncle? ant-man? I 've got two BURNINg questinons for you, both beginning with "waht if you were", the first ending in "not you" and the second ending in "a scone". Disregard the first one, it's implicit in the second one, unless you're already a scone, which you ain't, 'cause scones have no eyes or brains with which to read, gotcha? are you writing this down? goodygooddaddy-o. fathers.
Anywhom, if you weren't a scone, you would be lame. plain and simple. But! Butt!! if you were a Scone and not the Lame, that would really be something else. no , scratch cat birthday that, you would be a scone. and that's coool. Scones are fun to look at. fun to play with, not to eat. You dig? You pickin' up what I'm putting down? No? Tha's just fine. We have a lot more material to cover before Wednesday, and we all know what happens on Wnesday. Al Capone?
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