Anti Nursery Rhyme DJ Mix Deployment
  Dec 13th 2021 4:03pm

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this title has a story behind it: before i moved, my upstairs neighbors were super loud, for several reasons (mostly) involving a growing toddler. one of the things they would do is put on loop a CD of nursery rhymes - not just any nursery rhymes, but these cutesy autotuned dance/techno remixes of nursery rhymes, which were played so loud that i could hear all the words and recognize all the tunes. it was on loop for several hours a day at that volume and i swear it almost drove me mad. revolting stuff that i have unfortunately listened to more times than some of my favorite music. i did put on a LOT of music to drown out the noise though so that's what i thought about upon reading the bitpack.

this is NOT my wheelhouse as far as styles go but i had fun trying to be economical with material + still trying to keep a sense of progression.

Advent Diary Day 13:
snibbe tracker is really clean and cool as a concept; a simple array of basic waves, many effects we've all come to know and love, but also some other awesome unusual ones - FM, PWM, delay, distortion, (global) bitcrush! i found that pretty appealing to work with.

the... apparent lack of an undo function is a glaring oversight, especially in conjunction with the "drop down a row after input" thing that some trackers do, and an apparent lack of remembering stuff on the clipboard for more than an action or two... but really? no undo? am i crazy? i even searched the readme for "undo" and saw nothing. ANYWAY, despite all that, this is a cool little piece of software. it'd be fun to battle with in the future.
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post #149982 :: 2021.12.13 4:13pm
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yes, the lack of undo sucks, but i think the fact that u can only have 16 instruments is even more annoying...

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