Level 24 Chipist
AY-3-8910 / YM2149

heart magic 
159th Σ4.381

brain tech 
3rd Σ5.873

bleep squeeze 
9th Σ5.749

deep tweak 
8th Σ5.482

the winter of our pants 
78th Σ4.535

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  15th/357   Σ26.022   Feb 13th 2022 10:09am
Started this tune by writing in maxYMiser a beat that was being beatboxed by the kid of a friend of mine, and added whatever sprang to mind trying to make it all sort of tell a story.

🛠️ This tune wasn't easy to finish, I made it with the STeem emulator, but when I tested it on hardware, many volumes needed to be adjusted, an instrument was 2 semitones off, and some sounds wouldn't play. Had to use the Hatari emulator to correct all problems, but some sounds don't sound as good as they first did with STeem. Had to submit something that sounds correct on the hardware anyway.

🔊 For replay, I recommend using the mp3, which is a hardware render. I tried playing the SNDH with WinJAM and MicroST on Windows and they both fail at reproducing some instruments. ay_emul is the most accurate player for this tune but the hardware sounds a lot better.
The best way to replay this SNDH on a modern OS is to use the emulator Hatari (set the RAM to 2Mb) and maxYMiser 1.61, 2MB version.

⌨️ To play the tune on ST the simplest way is to use this executable
that should play on any stock ST, hardware or emulated, no matter how much RAM it has. I've been using MelonadeM's chip battle art entry as background for the player.

Anymway, hope you like it! :)
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Level 31 Chipist
post #153015 :: 2022.02.26 5:01pm
  cabbage drop and YQN liēkd this
i think theres something very charming about chiptune which only plays back correctly on hardware. thumbsup!!
Level 30 Chipist
post #153263 :: 2022.03.03 5:39pm
  cabbage drop and YQN liēkd this
I love the amount of sounds you were able to squeeze out of the YM2149. Amazing! :D
Level 29 Chipist
post #153325 :: 2022.03.05 8:35am
  cabbage drop and YQN liēkd this
wow, great textures

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