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A Mega Drive Down The Genesis Highway
  59th/231   Σ25.348   Jul 23rd 2013 3:19pm
Today's song is pun-tastic. I already knows that Sega does what Nintendon't. In a software-related case, Win-does what Mac doesn't. This song also features a near-perfect square wave in the FM section, and a sawtooth (it really only shines at one volume, though)

There's a slight problem with the resulting VGM file which makes me think of FamiTracker in this fashion (not good), so the render is straight out of VGM Music Maker. There is some slight desyncing with the sample because of the tempo being slightly off (if this occurs on real hardware as well... then dang.)... the parameters are just off enough for the sawtooth wave to not work correctly, and this is probably more hardware than software... but the PSG volume balance didn't match up. I actually almost can't match this in VGM Music Maker... these hassles are just enough to make me nervous about trying to make another Sega Genesis song. Well, at least it's not as inconsistent as MIDI... ;)
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Level 27 Chipist
post #30101 :: 2013.07.23 3:20pm
Here's the source .vge file... this is what the song was originally supposed to sound like. Have the FM/PSG balance all the way to the left, though: https://app.box.com/s/omcylu9ybraraa5ral3p
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post #30107 :: 2013.07.23 3:49pm :: edit 2013.07.23 3:49pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
did your mega drive down genesis highway end on saturn?!?!?!
Level 27 Chipist
post #30108 :: 2013.07.23 3:53pm
  gyms, Jangler and Slimeball liēkd this
It didn't end on Saturn. It didn't end on Neptune, either. ^_^
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post #30109 :: 2013.07.23 4:06pm
  Delek liēkd this
yeah vgm music maker exports are kind of weird... im not sure how good deflemask is, i havent used it for genesis tunes yet
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post #30134 :: 2013.07.24 2:12pm :: edit 2013.07.24 3:09pm
  MS and Chip Champion liēkd this
DefleMask uses VGM format spec v1.61 (one of the latest) and the export was approved by the VGM format creator, VGMMM uses 1.50.

The description is a little bit outdated, but:
(Official VGM Format website)

"DefleMask is the first tracker to support VGM v1.60 for DAC playback."
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post #30135 :: 2013.07.24 2:24pm
  Slimeball hæitd this
Laconic as always.
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post #34039 :: 2013.12.02 8:10pm
This is probably my favorite song on botb !
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post #109302 :: 2019.03.24 3:43pm
  KungFuFurby liēkd this
So, it'll be a long time before it actually comes out (think "2020" long time), but I'm in the beginning stages of working on my second BotB focus episode of the podcast (Nerd Noise Radio for those not in the know), and this track is being included.

I've gotta say, of all 36 tracks that are going to be in it, this is the only one so far that has put me in "repeat-one prison". I like this piece so much that I literally can't stop listening to it. I'm on hour two or so now of non-stop listening to just this one track! It's such a great case study in ambient dissonant drone - with an insanely catchy, persistent (but somehow understated) shuffling beat. There's not much like it!

What I'd like to know is how you managed to get the whole thing sounding so lo-fi. Genesis is so known for bright, fresh, vibrant, crisp, fluid, "big" sounds, and yet, this sounds so compressed, and lo-fi. Are you using a polyphonic sample with the percussion, and the dissonant chord drone? Is that all DAC? It'd almost have to be to [in a good way] sound so "bad".

I really would love to know, KungFuFirby!! Spill the beans! :-)

Anyway, a track par excellence that is so subtle and understated in its unfathomableness that it almost slips under the radar...until it totally rocks your world! :-D

Level 27 Chipist
post #109314 :: 2019.03.25 4:36pm
Hi Nerd Noise Radio!

For my DAC magic, I cheated big time. I made five different riffs in Schism Tracker, exported them to WAV at original quality, then I believe I used Schism Tracker to resample all of them to 8000hz, which was a sample rate supported by VGM Music Maker. Ironically, I ended up using only four channels in my source .it files for these riffs (and one of them is reserved for a drum loop sample that I just simply tacked on there)!

I also attempted to add a kick through the FM synthesis (via a raw sine wave) and use the PSG noise. In hindsight, it... didn't quite work (although the noise came out alright).

The end result wasn't bad on VGM Music Maker, but the resulting export caused me to abandon ship on future songs (I do have some prototypes made in there, just that I've abandoned them). Plus, it's one of my very few Windows-produced songs I have ever released (not even through an emulator/VM/Wine, but rather through a laptop... and the VM solution was a no-go at the time because I was still running on a PowerPC Mac! A G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11, to be exact).

I have experimented with Deflemask, though, and have a few ideas up my sleeve (and these take advantage of the SSG-EG mode)... but I don't know if I'm willing to try again. I've had a few ideas fizzle out, and I feel like I could use some more low-level stuff with regards to register manipulation. And then there comes the emulator problem again...
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post #110326 :: 2019.05.09 5:07pm
Hi! Me again! I'm soooooo sorry I didn't see your comment earlier! I am not getting notifications on BotB for whatever reason.

In any case, I definitely don't want you to give up. I really like your work, and would love to see what you do next! In fact, the only other track in the list for the upcoming episode beside this one that "put me in repeat-one prison".......is the other one of yours to make the episode (namely, "I Came, I Saw").

I tried to follow you on Twitter, but it requires your special sign off, and I don't know if that ever went through. In any case, connect with me there, and I'll send you the music block early access via Twitter Private Messenger. We can also talk chip more over there as well (where, you know, I actually get notifications and stuff). ;-)


p.s. change of plans, this episode will be moved up to 2019 after all. It still won't be til Sept or Oct (probably Oct)....but at least it'll be this year. I had another special project planned with Mibri unrelated to BotB, or chiptunes in general, but we both decided it made more sense to bump that project back to 2020 instead, and push this one forward. So 2019 it is. I'm taking a break from producing the music block to type you this. :-)

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