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They say it's just a number but I bet you can remember when the days were too long and the nights were even longer years become like months become like weeks become like days until you don't know why people look younger than they used to people that you know seem like they're always doing better 'til they aren't but they say that's how it goes

Serene Jean started to jerk Metallica signs up submits mp3 to sexmodit laughing my ass of I got scared and woke up seeing brotherhood of the iluminati saying grace before imbibing the souls of plebians the benefits of life insurance

All noobs all the time every day borrowing from the past to make the future we can't stop won't stop the music and the art we gamify

There are no good reasons for wanting to be a botber but there are a few good reasons why you shouldn't be a botber botb will not make you money and don't think it will if you want to be a pro you're better off saving your money for kit don't battle for respect it only leads to jealousy and disappointment sure it's nice to read about how great your track is but it's not a reason in itself don't expect to be the next fearofdark or gyms or strobe or charlotte or zan-zan be happy making art or you are in the wrong game

My childhood was the best childhood the best zelda is the one that came out when I turned thirteen the best music is the music that came out when I turned thirteen don't @ me


Mostly made with SunVox, but I exported to use Renoise and TDR plugins for final polish.
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Level 28 Chipist
post #100923 :: 2018.06.17 6:51am
  Melon and b00daw liēkd this
i've found that a definite way to speed down the "subjective ageing process" is to engage in a variety of different TRAILS (or "paths thru experience") that are complexly varied enough in action and quality:

1) over time, so as not to mentally compress into monotony
2) over space, so as not to not mentally compress into a single perceived activity, and
3) not TOO complexly varied or otherwise focus-arresting (either through surplus of pleasure or pain) that you are compelled to focus on one or a few trails over all of them simultaneously

finding this balance can probably be difficult for an adult as well, i find "music" is a decent device for blueprinting it. remember that mnestic and intuitive rhythms (or "routines") follow a POLYMORPHIC, NATURAL LAW that allows you to mentally feel as though you are going on several layers and branches of "mental journeys" simultaneously, and that it isnt just a codeword for "deliberate conformance to monotony" as commonly used. i strongly believe this can be applied to music as well. thanks for the shoutout btw
Level 28 Chipist
post #100924 :: 2018.06.17 6:58am
  Melon and b00daw liēkd this
i have come up with good names for these three types of pathing errors, and they are "dialga" (time god), "palkia" (space god) and "giratina" (distortion god) fails respectively. do of this information what u wish
Level 10 Mixist
post #100964 :: 2018.06.17 6:30pm
Level 27 Mixist
post #100972 :: 2018.06.17 9:39pm
those vocals are sick

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