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apologies for finalpart of this chipnal 2.2

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This song is a cover of :: MrGamer - Grave - Final 1.1

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Level 16 Chipist
post #65108 :: 2016.03.13 11:36pm
  Post-retro, Savestate, sc and crabbandicoot liēkd this
d00d! :O

This is an AWESOME re-imagination of my tune!

However, the final part was very unfocused, and not at all as good as your other, original, content.... But you did warn about that though :P

A question! Is the messiness at the end due to the tune not being "fully complete" due to time constraints or other factors?

Oh well. Overall, I think this tune is GREAT!

But... I don't think this tunage is great JUST because it's a cover of MY music, OR for the fact I think the original is good in itself, no... :)

You made a good re-interpretation, plain and simple, and THAT is why I like it. :D

Although there is not much (or any?) change from the original notes until later in the tune, your original content (with the exception of the ending) was a very nice touch!

The re-arrangement, transitions, the richer percussion and variety thereof... all very well crafted! :D

Thank you! Thank you a lot for choosing one of my tunes to cover! :) It rarely happens that my music gets remixed, mostly due to my slight obscurity (even if i've been active 20 years in the scene :-/ ) and format incompatibility. :-|

But it's even more rare in this case, sine I personally didn't ask anyone to even consider the original tune for remixing, and being in an even more odd format than Renoise (my main friend since 2003) makes this particularly special. So, thanks again!

And, of course. I will re-visit this tune when the voting starts. I won't give it an unfairly high score because it's a remix of my work as you can possibly imagine. I will, however, give it a rating based on it's own merits :)

Cheers! And chip on!

ONE last thing though - what program(s) did you use to make this remix?
Level 22 Mixist
post #65109 :: 2016.03.13 11:54pm
  MrGamer liēkd this
Hey Mrgamer its a pleasure, i like the original song so much! and yep, the final part its a little part of my signature on my remixes hahaha! but im so happy u like it!! // in fact the track its not finish, ill finish soon!, i work this remix in LSDJ man! :D
Level 16 Chipist
post #67421 :: 2016.05.12 5:29pm
Awesum! :D

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