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2019-11-24 16:10:16

2019-12-15 12:00:00

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Greetings fellow BOTBers. As some of you know, old-school BotBer Blank works for Michigan Radio, the state-wide public radio network, on a show called Stateside.

Welp, Stateside is looking for a new theme, 59.9 sec in length. So BOTB got permission from Michigan Radio to put on a "Public Radio Theme Battle."

It's an all gear battle that ends on Dec.2.

On a single entry audio track please submit:
One 59.9 sec main theme,
Two 29.9 sec promo themes (usually but not necessarily a variation of main theme),
One 14.9 sec theme (to be used for promos) and...
Five to Eight bumps ranging in length from 3 sec to 15 sec.

Blank will present all submissions to Michigan Radio management. If management likes your submission to become the new theme, they will reach out to you to negotiate financial details (meaning, if selected you will get paid (-:). All other submissions will be added to the Stateside playlist to be used random as bumper music between interviews.

Below is the write-up Michigan Radio has been sending out to professional producers and composers to give you an idea of what Stateside is searching for, but don't let that limit your creativity.

"It should be earwormy, a theme that sticks in your head. A tune you find yourself humming later. Catches your ear. It creates a sense of place. It has movement. Clear beginning and end. Clear build and landing. Distinctive opening. Versatility (keeping in mind, news, thoughtfulness, emotional stories). Brings forth the sound of Michigan: Motown, funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop. Not too busy. Keep in mind there will be voices over the music."

Thank you for your time and consideration. And long live BOTB!
Voting Categories
  • Talk Over-Ability • Earworminess • Dynamic Build & Conclusion • Good/Bad News Versatility • Michigan Pants
  • All registered users of BotB may vote.
  • All tunes will be rendered to MP3 for voting accessibility.
  • No covers allowed, only original works.
  • Entries that have been previously publicly released are not allowed.
Questions and Contact
  • For direct communication join us on IRC!! #botb       :D/

Being a general use Mixist format, anything that can compose, arrange, and mix music from scratch, free and paid, will do for this format. Anything that isn't audio is off limits. Additional bit pack rules may apply.  :: read lyceum article

Maximum File Size :: 10mb

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