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post #48531 :: 2014.10.10 3:51pm :: edit 2014.10.13 2:36am
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helo there are a lot of songongongs on botb that have broken renders. here is a thread where we can aggregate them (wow aggregate).

so post some songongs here that have broken renders. if possible, try to render the song yourself and post the non broken render along with the song link.

I hope some admin if they have time can slowly replace these broken renders with the new ones made here???

note for rendering: make sure you render an mp3!!!!! and not a .wav (you may have to convert it if the music software does not have a render to mp3 option) and make sure you set the render to render at 44100 Hz

here is one entry
Roofie - wow do u really have to always bark like a doge wow.sho
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post #48567 :: 2014.10.12 12:10am
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^ fixed

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