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post #31310 :: 2013.08.18 11:28am :: edit 2013.08.24 4:51pm
  newplumorder, commandycan, Chip Champion, Xemogasa, anewuser, stinkbug, Zillah, Rainbow Dash, mootbooxle, raphaelgoulart, goluigi and kfaraday liēkd this
Hey, folks, I plan on hosting a streaming event this Saturday @ 2pm Central Time live on the internet! We'll be hearing the top 7 of every voting category and the best 1-3 of each format. The url of the stream will be announced soon!

The entire thing is now on YouTube!! :P

OFFICIAL STREAM HERE!! == == = = == =

In the meantime, you can promote the event on fb! :P
Level 30 Chipist
post #31311 :: 2013.08.18 11:29am :: edit 2013.08.18 11:52am
  goluigi, Xemogasa and mootbooxle liēkd this

(ooh! can we see more than the top 7 of each category at the party? i've always wanted to see who got top 20 in solar power or something, it'd be cool as an exclusive especially if they're songs you don't see anywhere else)
Level 27 Chipist
post #31313 :: 2013.08.18 11:39am
  stinkbug, mootbooxle and Chip Champion liēkd this
Do you filter out duplicates (or do we hear the same ones again if they qualify in more than one category)?
Level 30 Mixist
post #31315 :: 2013.08.18 12:25pm
  Flaminglog, stinkbug, zebra and goluigi liēkd this
No! We must sit through all 12 minutes of The Crystal Ball six times! It's only right!
Level 10 Mixist
post #31317 :: 2013.08.18 2:00pm
  goluigi and uUni liēkd this
I hope this catches on! Facebook I will be a worthy spiritual successor of Detroit and Ann Arbor!
Level 18 Chipist
post #31319 :: 2013.08.18 2:16pm
but it's not even over yet
Level 23 Mixist
post #31324 :: 2013.08.18 2:58pm
  Rainbow Dash liēkd this
I don't have facebook :(
Oh well, If I find an opportunity to be there for the stream, I will most certainly be there.
Level 27 Chipist
post #31326 :: 2013.08.18 3:07pm
  goluigi and zebra hæitd this
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I think (and hope) kfaraday was suggesting that we get to see the top 20 (or whatever) entries, not that we listen to them all
Level 30 Mixist
post #31329 :: 2013.08.18 5:22pm
  raphaelgoulart, Rainbow Dash, kfaraday and mootbooxle liēkd this
The stream won't be on facebook. It's just an event to invite non-BotBrs to. If any track deserves to played more than once we will triple that number for the amount of plays during the show. :P
Level 26 Chipist
post #31614 :: 2013.08.23 12:07pm
Could someone post anything here when it begin?
Level 30 Mixist
post #31635 :: 2013.08.23 8:40pm :: edit 2013.08.23 8:40pm
  kfaraday liēkd this
Saturday @ 2pm Central Time live on the internet!
Level 27 Chipist
post #31682 :: 2013.08.24 7:30am
I'm going to leave it a surprise for myself and actually wait for voting to be over. For some unusual reason, the times seem to overlap.
Level 30 Mixist
post #31685 :: 2013.08.24 9:37am
Sorry, that was a time miscalculation. The countdowns are now correct! :x
Level 26 Chipist
post #31693 :: 2013.08.24 11:53am
Resluts party in about 5 mins =o
Level 23 Mixist
post #31695 :: 2013.08.24 12:00pm
  Baron Knoxburry and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
I literally just got back home from pennsylvania right as the results party starts
Level 30 Mixist
post #31708 :: 2013.08.24 4:50pm
  raphaelgoulart and mootbooxle liēkd this
For those who missed it! :P
Level 30 Mixist
post #31713 :: 2013.08.24 8:32pm
  Baron Knoxburry, Rainbow Dash and goluigi liēkd this
Thanks B-Knox! I felt like a dumdum...slept right through it. :/

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