Merry 2013!
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post #21258 :: 2013.01.02 4:13pm :: edit 2013.01.02 4:22pm
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We just survived the most anticipated Armageddon of our generation. I don't know about you, but the number 13 is the scariest thing ever and now there are 20 of them! I have big hopes that this year will bring in a new BotB version, one that select BotBrs have a hand in assisting and developing. Plus 2013 should bring us new battle types and formats beyond music!

...also Winter Chip VIII is right around the corner! :D/
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post #21259 :: 2013.01.02 5:17pm
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winter shipt yeyaeya
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post #21261 :: 2013.01.02 9:51pm
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Teh WinrarChops!!111v o____________X
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post #21278 :: 2013.01.03 2:44pm
...return of 3xTheme, perhaps? I'd love to give that a shot.
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post #21279 :: 2013.01.03 2:55pm
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3xTheme Chip
3xTheme Filmsore
3xTheme pixels
i'm down for it all!!
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post #21280 :: 2013.01.03 2:56pm
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post #21288 :: 2013.01.03 4:46pm
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1 kb module??????????????

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