anyone using mastodon here?
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post #163417 :: 2022.11.24 7:40am
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post #163425 :: 2022.11.24 11:05am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
created acc in 2017, never used it rly.
dont think i will either.
dont follow me there

its a nice concept tho
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post #163426 :: 2022.11.24 12:29pm :: edit 2022.11.24 1:25pm
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sometimes you see an attractive person, but their sex is the opposite of what you would look for in a partner, and you're like you know... if i played for the other team, i would totally ask for that person's america online screen name

mastodon is kinda like that for me... sexy, vivacious, a hot topic—but not meant to happen
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post #163427 :: 2022.11.24 1:54pm
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me :D
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post #163428 :: 2022.11.24 3:18pm
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Not on there. The main question I have is privacy: On Twitter for the entire time I was on there (since 2009, actually), my tweets were always private, meaning limited to followers (and I choose who to accept follow requests from).
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post #163432 :: 2022.11.24 6:44pm
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Unless I change my mind, I'll wait until it's popular enough. As better of a model as it is compared to the big wig services, of which I post on Twitter a lot more than Facebook, I feel as if my posts may get less attention.
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post #163436 :: 2022.11.25 2:43am :: edit 2022.11.25 2:47am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
think everyones just waiting until its all duked out and one platform's a clear winner over another.
winter 2022/23 will appear real strange on those website timeline chart youtube videos haha

in any case, YEA I got one
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post #163449 :: 2022.11.25 12:12pm
I've got a brand-new-ish one at , though I mainly tend to just post Doom map screenshots so it's probably only worth it if you're into that. :P

Related-ish, I've always wondered what the 'optimal' way of posting a music snippet on twitler/masto would be -- I've seen a few folks (e.g. golgi) do things like post up a tiny video snippet of the tracker window playing a bit of the song -- I guess that's the least-bad approach?
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post #163464 :: 2022.11.26 2:41am :: edit 2022.11.27 1:16am
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@puke7 btw, as we find a @battleofthebits bot at twitter, do you think would be interesting having a @battleofthebits bot in some mastodon instance as well? (whatever Elon Musk is going to implode twitter or not... - )
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post #163470 :: 2022.11.26 12:00pm
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post #163544 :: 2022.11.28 3:05pm :: edit 2022.12.02 1:28am is main also exists if I start to use NND and such again
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post #163545 :: 2022.11.28 4:27pm
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big lumby
post #163546 :: 2022.11.28 4:37pm
  nitrofurano liēkd this
been using a different social media platform as my twitter substitute, so i never really signed up for it. seems like a neat concept, tho, and i hope everyone on there enjoys it.

might sign up for it in the near future? who knows
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post #163588 :: 2022.11.30 5:56pm
  nitrofurano liēkd this
i'm there at, it's nice. although, i will be maintaining birdsite dual-citizenship because sometimes i want not-nice

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