Requesting deletion of my accounts, please
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post #160891 :: 2022.09.17 11:38pm
Hello, and good day! Im fine

I request the deletion of both this account and my main, ViLXDRYAD one, please!

Thanks beforehand!
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post #160892 :: 2022.09.17 11:40pm
Here to confirm this request
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post #160895 :: 2022.09.18 6:42am
  argarak, mirageofher and damifortune liēkd this
acc deletion on botb is not a thing. the disabling "feature" will not happen for everyone, only for accs who broke copyright rules eg plagiarism
accs that are currently disabled are exceptions to that rule.
admins are currently working out general guidelines on how to treat hiding of comment data. but accs themself as well as (or especially) entries will remain part of the archive.
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post #160908 :: 2022.09.18 7:32pm
Hi, kleeder! Then, if i am eligible to disablement of this account and my ViLXDRYAD one, i please request so; otherwise, if im not eligible to the disabling of both this account and my main account, ViLXDRYAD, i please request hiding the comment data of both my accounts
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post #161001 :: 2022.09.22 7:44pm
  damifortune, argarak and gotoandplay hæitd this
don't you think is a little funny that you require me to give you work to disable my account, instead of i asking for it without making you work extra

where you giving me instructions to get my accounts disabled? may well tell me your copyrighted song preference, i can't get Rebecca Black - Friday off my mind

jokes aside, any update?
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post #161009 :: 2022.09.23 2:49am :: edit 2022.09.23 2:57am
  damifortune and kleeder liēkd this
hiding accs wasnt ever a thing until recently and youre old enough on the site to know that.
so its understandable it will take some time to figure out what the criteria is, not to mention the uncertainty of your going since youve come back to the community before.
until then, be patient and dont be a knob about it, its not like it is an urgent requirement to happen asap
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post #161010 :: 2022.09.23 4:27am
  damifortune, kleeder and mirageofher liēkd this
hi, accounts are only disabled when there are exceptional circumstances and we do not disable accounts on request. botb intends to maintain an archive of creative works and we intend to keep it that way, even if some unfortunate events arose in the past year or so that have forced us to take some action. we are still considering the future of what may happen with disabled accounts, so things may change. what is certain is that we won't take requests to delete or disable accounts. if you're no longer interested in partaking in botb activity, then you are free to leave it behind, that's fine. asking for such requests only brings more attention to you which you probably want to avoid.
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post #161011 :: 2022.09.23 4:28am
  kleeder hæitd this
i haven't disrespected you, gotoandplay

i am requesting what i have seen been allowed to others

this time isn't because im hurt by members, it is because i decided am not getting enough satisfaction around, and i don't want my name to give publicity to things and people i have grown to disapprove of

i think it is understandable that denying something to me that has been granted to others in the past, now telling me you are going to take a time to decide how, feels unfair and bad

i am requesting what i want, like others have, and has been granted to them, don't think i am being unreasonable, nor that i deserve to be treated badly or be excluded from something that has been given to others now, onlyl that i am not spamming making threads and comments and uploading things against the rule, i think that you can understand with words
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post #161020 :: 2022.09.23 7:58am
i am voicing what i feel now, argarak, i don't mind other people seeing my stance about: i however don't want to put effort on spamming the site with rule breaks to get what others have

if you aren't going to give me the privilege of disabling my account by asking for it, i accept you deleting my both accounts comment and like data
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post #161026 :: 2022.09.23 10:09am
  argarak liēkd this
allowd to "others" meaning like, plagiarisers and other problematic accts? vilx, they HAD to be removed, they did not just WANT to be removed like you want to be...
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post #161052 :: 2022.09.23 8:06pm
so you'd give a special privilege to people who broke rules, but not someone who asked pacifically
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post #161053 :: 2022.09.23 8:23pm
punishment. not privilege. but yes
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post #161630 :: 2022.10.12 5:35am :: edit 2022.10.12 5:36am
  Googie and goluigi liēkd this
I don't have much to do in this situation, but didn't Keffie/Kfaraday get their account deletion/disabling request accepted?
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post #161678 :: 2022.10.12 9:34pm
have you tried asking atlantically

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