Times you heard botbrs tracks in public
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post #160778 :: 2022.09.13 6:32pm :: edit 2022.09.13 6:37pm
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A little record store in a city I live near was playing one of Coda's tracks. Kind of caught me off guard as I didn't think many people had heard his music before. I think it was one of his tracks on the SoundShock albums, so that might explain how they found it.
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post #160779 :: 2022.09.13 6:33pm
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That's so cooooool!!! :000000
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post #160781 :: 2022.09.13 7:22pm
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well, i've blasted botbrs music in public if that counts

(im joking haha, unless?)

ok fr tho i've heard dboyd's interstellar retribution
(yes the banger collab chiptune song turned silly undertale au song, search out the title and just the title on yt and it's the first thing that pops up) being blasted a bunch of times by little kids on their phones, presumably browsing tiktok or what not.
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Just happened again... sort of. Someone in a completely unrelated Discord server started playing moot booxle's Chomp
in the voice lounge. I asked him how he found it, and he said it was used in a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame that I had a vague knowlege of.
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post #160903 :: 2022.09.18 4:55pm
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it's not surprising to me anyone heard a coda track in public since when i heard his stuff i thought he was already a famous music producer!
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post #160904 :: 2022.09.18 5:12pm
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a friend of mine usually asks me whenever he finds good chiptune-y music if the composer has a botb acc, lol

never heard a random botbr music encounter irl tho, wld be cool af
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post #160926 :: 2022.09.19 8:25am
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Someone at a school I went to knew who FearofDark was, but didn't like his music bc it's "just stuff thrown together"?!

I still need an explanation for that lol
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bru you can't do fod liek dat

(everyone fr knows fod bruh)
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post #160938 :: 2022.09.19 3:31pm
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That's such a weird criticism of FoD lol
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post #160947 :: 2022.09.20 4:34am
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Back when I was in college some years ago I heard a lot of Coda, FoD, MelonadeM, and Xaimus stuff while playing on the wii in the student lounge. Didn't even know much about these artists at the time, but the rule was that people could play whatever they wanted on the speakers so long as everyone there was okay with it. Also started getting recommended chip music music by youtube right afterwards, and only later did I realize where I remembered most of the artists from. FoD's Motorway really got me in a good way, same for the tracks from the Mighty SF OST- but it was Chrrsy's song Kamata that brought me here! I made a lot of friends that day thanks to jamming out to these artists.
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post #160948 :: 2022.09.20 7:51am
excuse me what how was it playing on the wii please explain
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post #160951 :: 2022.09.20 10:40am :: edit 2022.09.20 10:41am
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My coworkers at MOD Pizza started playing my music through the house speakers lol

Every customer was listening to “Hypersonic Halfpipe” and “Cosmic Microwave”
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post #160952 :: 2022.09.20 12:20pm
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everytime i go to the UofI rec room, at one point or another someone will be playing a coda track on the ITG machine lol
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post #160959 :: 2022.09.20 4:37pm
@Plug, it wasn't on the Wii, they had speakers on the front desk. We would switch between playing MK Wii and Smash Bros. Brawl, and people would queue up their own music on the RA's laptop.
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post #161007 :: 2022.09.23 12:58am
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In 2014 a random radio station with the call sign KNDS broadcasting on 96.3 FM in Fargo, North Dakota emailed me about putting some of my music on the air for a chiptune music night they were hosting.

I suppose a handful of people heard BotB music that night in public 😛
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post #161008 :: 2022.09.23 2:44am
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def heard hopeless romantic at preludes to chip gigs
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when i had a radio show there wer several times i played botb stuff on the radio, like after majors and such
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post #161028 :: 2022.09.23 10:52am
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TIL tennisers had a radio show! \o/
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post #161039 :: 2022.09.23 2:42pm
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mioh and me played botb songs in the car, someone next to the street cldve heard them when we had the window open. does that count? ...

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