cancel ohb idea
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post #159405 :: 2022.08.10 4:45pm
  MelonadeM, sean, mirageofher, Xaser and amelia liēkd this
this probably was already asked about it but in case it wasn't, it would be nice to cancel xhb if you do it on a whim and dont feel like it anymore. in that case you could maybe lose half the deposit.
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post #159407 :: 2022.08.10 6:28pm :: edit 2022.08.10 6:28pm
  sean, Lasertooth, father, roz and Xaser liēkd this
I agree, also we should be able to cancel other peoples ohbs >:)
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post #159408 :: 2022.08.10 6:35pm
  Viraxor, argarak, sean, amelia, OminPigeonMaster, father, qrqrqr0515_1 and puke7 liēkd this
Degast XHB
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post #159409 :: 2022.08.10 7:29pm
  607, argarak, sean, Lint_Huffer, Lasertooth, father, qrqrqr0515_1, Lincent and cabbage drop liēkd this
in my opinion this could make the idea of "a scheduled xhb" feel less reliable, and people get pings on chat and possibly even plan their day around knowing a scheduled xhb is on its way. is one getting cancelled a big deal in practice? maybe not but if it happened to you once you'd probably think about it every time after that, lol

then again, it's not much different than admins being able to offset xhb start time, in that way. and we already have that

maybe as a last resort or as an admin-assisted feature?

dunno, not opposed to it necessarily, but i think it's fine for hosting to be a commitment and at least the time can be shifted around by admins in the event of a conflict
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post #159426 :: 2022.08.11 12:41am :: edit 2022.08.11 10:48am
  sean and cabbage drop liēkd this
and what if we could transfer the xhb hosting to someone else somehow (having badges for it or not, i have no idea for now), so the battle would be kept active and running?
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post #159432 :: 2022.08.11 7:55am
  Lint_Huffer, argarak, sean, cabbage drop, qrqrqr0515_1, father, mirageofher, nitrofurano, damifortune and puke7 liēkd this
i think if cancel option happens, u shld not only not get ur boons back but also need to pay a penalty for canceling.
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i agree with kleeder

Beghasting an XHB is an announcement to the community:
"Come do this thing with me!"

I understand sometimes things come up and we have to break commitments, but if that's communicated to the admin team someone can step in and run the battle in a host's absence.
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post #159476 :: 2022.08.12 8:30am
  Viraxor, blower5, tennisers and kleeder liēkd this
allow all users to cancel any tennisers ohb
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post #159494 :: 2022.08.13 7:07am :: edit 2022.08.13 7:09am
i understand there's some commitment but maybe a grace period of 1-3 minutes would be fine if someone impulsively hosts something and regrets it
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post #159496 :: 2022.08.13 7:27am
maybe we just need a POPUP saying "are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to HOST a BATTLE ?????"
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post #159501 :: 2022.08.13 9:14am
  607, DefenseMechanism, blower5, amelia, Lint_Huffer and kleeder liēkd this

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post #159504 :: 2022.08.13 9:29am
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post #159556 :: 2022.08.14 3:54pm
  kleeder liēkd this
in my opinion (imo) we dont need this, ohb rexchedulung is available and if you really cant be there for your own ohc for example like i was for one of the mt32 ones i hosted bc i was in the literal middle of moving just tell a mod and itll be all right (on saturday night)

as Dami Fortune said some ppl may have scheduled their time around that one ohc itd be a penis move to just cancel it

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