Botbr Songs to feature on a podcast? Chiptune recs?
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I’ve been listening to podcasts that celebrate VGM OSTs (KVGM the last Wave, Pixelated Audio, XVGM, VGMporium, etc.) and they’re all amazing, but they only focus on music attached to a VGM OST, so I decided to take a shot at starting one that celebrates chiptune artists material that’s outside of actual OSTs. It’s called “Dying Formats Radio”

Please reply with suggestions if you have a Botb entry you want me to feature, or a favorite battle/prompt I should talk about and I’ll work it into an episode. Or, if there’s a chiptune artist you LOVE that the world needs to know about (on or off Botb), let me know and I'll add them to my research lists.

I’m pulling from Bandcamp tag searches, various discord servers, tracker forums, web archive searches(for the OGs) and will take any and all recommendations!

Also, please give it a listen if that sounds cool. I featured a few Botbrs on the first episode and prolly will every ep, really:

Oh! Also, if you can think of any sources I'd love suggestions on that too (netlabels, software forums, poorly written pamphlets, etc.)

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Maybe a bit of an obvious take, but Destroyer X-Ray is one of my favorite chiptune songs ever
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this is very cool! i hope it continues to go well; sounds like you're putting a lot of research into it

i think the Advent Calendar series is pretty cool especially since it gets people to do formats they otherwise would've never tried. since they're all made within a day each, they might be less polished than what you'd otherwise play, but if you're coming at it from the 'dying formats' angle it might be cool to talk about a way in which some are kept alive and given new life
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Woah! Holy dang! Hadn’t heard that destroyer X-ray track. That’s amazing. It’s like a whole mini album. Those snare rolls with that super dark DPCM samples are so good!

Also the advent series is a great idea! I’m having a blast researching, and am super thankful for any and all responses/suggestions!
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Prior to this, I had the Retro Game Audio
podcast in mind before listening to your podcast. They go way more in-depth about sound hardware and VGM soundtracks, so I was kinda hoping the format would be similar to that, but it's still cool to see you pulling music from all these different groups

I think it might be interesting to look at songs that abuse playback hacks/overclocking to create new sounds, cause I think that side of chiptune needs more love. Some artists on top of my head are Strobe, Dimeback, chibi-tech, TMM12
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Thanks for listening!

Ah yeah, that podcast seems awesome! Looking forward to going through their stuff. So far I’ve been targeting something that’s primarily listening to the actual music, ala old school radio shows/album listening party, with light background and some goofiness, but it would be cool to do some deep dive episodes.

That will probably have to wait until I finish grad school tho tbh :D

But I might get faster at researching and meet folks who would be willing to speak to that stuff knowledgeably.

Thanks for the Artist recs!
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post #158964 :: 2022.08.02 2:45pm
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Top 5 chiptunes in no particular order

Mistral by Vince Kaichan
Fast City by FearofDark
Hip Ware C23E by AsikwusPulse
Windows :D by Jakerson
Tourist Nebula by Manndrasigma and Zenkusa

And any Cryptovolans song if you consider that chiptune
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post #158987 :: 2022.08.03 6:31am
Excellent! Thanks! Added to the list.

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