kinkinkijkin finally finishes super old modules thread
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post #158750 :: 2022.07.27 9:52am
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this title is menacing, be afraid.

im going to post a post in this topic every single time i finish and upload a super old module of mine from 2010-2014, which is what i consider to be the opening time of me being the dumbest of ass and shittest of head, and also made the most actually good-idea modules then never finished them

to open, let's look at the one i just finished recently while i had no internet while i was a streetz lyfe ciggy princess lesboqueen of tha hood (particularly the comfy warm potholes in the road through it)

Alter Ego Level 3 (VRC7 cover): linky

kulor said he liked the funny kinkinkijkin drums

next post might be "Thimble Winner Triangle" so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get ready for funny i guess

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