What's the backstory to your username?
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post #156501 :: 2022.05.20 10:04pm
A few months ago, I was in a band with some of my schoolmates, and we were having trouble deciding on a name. We wanted to create a mix between electronic, 90s alternative, and midwest emo, so we started tossing names into The Almighty Hat™ and picked one at random. We ended up deciding on the name WeatherScan, with one of the leftover names being Bink And Smacker. When the project ended up going nowhere, due to our drummer moving states, I stole the name and took it for something later.

Bink And Smacker is the name of a program made by RAD Game Tools that converts .mp4 files into their proprietary video format Bink Video. It was mainly used in 6th to 7th gen games like Halo, THPS, Diablo, GTA, and pretty much any game that had videos displayed on screen. For example, the Bungie logo in Halo: Combat Evolved is a .bik file you can find in the game files totally unpacked, which you can play in a media player like VLC Media Player or foobar2000.
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post #156502 :: 2022.05.20 10:48pm
Mine's an anagram for my initials (Andrew James Miller) and it's also short for my favorite musical interval. (:
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post #156503 :: 2022.05.20 11:38pm
pls post that stuff here, so we dont and up with several threads of the same topic -> https://battleofthebits.org/academy/GroupThread/17855/The+story+behind+BotBrs+nicknames/

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