Burfday Time Signatures?
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post #156169 :: 2022.05.15 4:08am :: edit 2022.05.15 4:10am
  ViLXDRYAD, OminPigeonMaster, hanna and sean liēkd this
This is gonna be kinda insane... but what if we all converted our burfdays to time signatures?

My burfday is 6/28 (or 28/6 for the Europeans), which will have to be weirdly math-ified to make it into an even remotely sane time signature.

Since I don't want to bother with that scary 28, I guess I'll go with 28/6. Though I guess I could've rounded that to 32... but i like accuracy.

Since a "sixth note" is a dotted eighth note, that's three 16th notes. 3*28=84, making that 84/16 or a reduced and (marginally) more sane-sounding 21/4 time.

My real birthday comes out to 9/8, which is actually my favorite time signature. Or at least one of my favorites.

Also, if someone decides to make an XHB out of this... can it be NSF+? For uh... no particular reason?

(also pls correct me if I mathed weirdly and tell me if there's a good way to deal with 28, which now that i think about it is half of 56)
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post #156179 :: 2022.05.15 10:03am
  OminPigeonMaster liēkd this
I guess mine would be 10/19 which I think would also work better as 19/10. Idk how to make that make sense but yeah that’s what that would be.
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post #156219 :: 2022.05.15 4:59pm
  OminPigeonMaster liēkd this
Jeesh, 10/17 for me...
HOW do you even.
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post #156279 :: 2022.05.16 1:07pm
sixth note usually refers to 16th note triplets (i guess some people call them sextuplets too), so you have an "irrational" but entirely possible time sig from the get-go with 28/6!

It would not scale up to being the same as any normal time sig though hahah, just would feel like a tempo change between a 4 or 8 feel and your 28.

for the 10s, I suppose you could be notating your feel with 5-tuplets but That would be... something >__>
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post #156314 :: 2022.05.16 10:11pm :: edit 2022.05.16 10:14pm
july 29th.... 7/29? or 29/7? (using my irl birthday L)

(for 29/7)
septuplets are fun, and i could represent 29 as 3 bars of 8 and a bar of 5, or 6 bars of 4 and a bar of 5.
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post #156315 :: 2022.05.16 10:51pm
28/1, completely impractical time sig
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big lumby
post #156358 :: 2022.05.17 6:19pm
my burfday is nov 7. 11/7 or...7/11
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post #156361 :: 2022.05.17 7:07pm
21/9, wonder how a marked beat sounds like!
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post #156362 :: 2022.05.17 8:59pm
  mirageofher liēkd this
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post #156437 :: 2022.05.19 10:16pm
12/31, so close to something perfectly reasonable, and yet so far
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post #156456 :: 2022.05.20 4:23am
18/8, mine is real pog

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