What genres of music do you often listen to? (show and tell)
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post #155852 :: 2022.05.09 2:06pm
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...Exactly what it says on the tin:

What genres of music do you (often) listen to?

Anything goes, no matter how niche.
Go ahead, share a track or two (or even an album) of the genre (be it in youtube video link form or whatnot)

I suppose it is only fair for me to start the chain, so here's some jazz fusion and liquid D&B I've found myself listening to on the go.

T-Square - RESORT - In The Grid
Weather Report - Heavy Weather - Havona

Skin Divers - Size 12
Intense - The Sax Lick
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post #155853 :: 2022.05.09 2:42pm
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old classic kpop, not like the weird sparkly boy bands of today but the good old stuffs

am huge la oreja de van gogh (lovg) fan

night slave ost. i hav been listening to this forever lmao

toho lel
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post #155855 :: 2022.05.09 3:24pm
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sucker for wild spirit boosting electric guitar solos


Ys Chronicles I & II OST fits it, most old Dragonforce stuff (dont recall havin listened to its new stuff)

epic power metal like Rhapsody (LISTEN TO EMERALD SWORD, or the whole symphony of enchanted lands album), and lately rata blanca (Magos, Espadas y Rosas album)

Iron Maiden (Somewhere in Time album comes to mind rn, they are amazing), Disturbed (The Sickness album), Linkin Park - In The End and New Divide, Paramore - Ignorance, Slipknot - Snuff n others, various from Metallica like All Nightmare Long, some from Megadeth like Hangar 18 and Tornado of Souls, Los Enanitos Verdes - Lamento Boliviano, Mago de Oz - Fiesta Pagana and Pensando en ti (based on Kansas - Dust in the Wind)

there some for now hehehe :p
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post #155856 :: 2022.05.09 3:40pm
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i think i'm too ecletic about music taste to list here... xD - medieval, baroque, bossanova, tropicália, elevator music, disco, progressive rock, hard rock, thrash metal, concrete music, cuban music genres, indian carnatic music, jazz genres (fusion, bebop, ragtime, etc.), etc. (specially etc.)
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post #155876 :: 2022.05.09 8:12pm :: edit 2022.05.09 8:13pm
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- Jazz, specially latin and video game covers. These are my favorite channels:


The Consouls

J-MUSIC Ensemble

The 8-Bit Big Band

- Any other video game music (originals or covers), including chiptune (originals and covers)
- Power metal
- Prog metal
- Classical /Symphonic

And of course... ANIMU MUSIC!!!

(Guess all those styles can be heard in my compositional style, hehe).
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post #155877 :: 2022.05.09 8:56pm
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Gonna be honest a lot of my listening music over the past year has come from BotB, but here's some of the stuff I listened to before I discovered BotB:

-Animal Collective
-White Stripes
-Pink Floyd
-Vampire Weekend
-A lot of different Irish folk bands
-Sufjan Stevens

A lot of these bands I haven't listened to in a while except for Vulfpeck which is still probably my favorite band, and is probably one of the big reasons why I got into music.
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post #155891 :: 2022.05.10 4:50am :: edit 2022.05.10 6:09am
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i was into stuff like aphex twin, autechre, ilkae for a while and i still like that and it's a big inspiration, but i dont listen to it as much. recently i was listening to iteachvader's ytpmvs and grindcore/sludge metal randomly throughout the day, like eyehategod and discordance axis. i sometimes go through periods of listening to more modern classical stuff, like alois haba who's my fave, and some renaissance/baroque stuff. and sometimes denpa stuff like mosaic.wav is fun. also i like listening to dub techno mixes periodically, my favorite dub album is probably vainqueur elevations. also ambient stuff can be cool though i make it much more than i listen to it at the moment. besides that i like some singer-songwriter stuff sometimes, like old russian folk music and the country singer dori freeman's first album.
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post #155892 :: 2022.05.10 5:02am
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As the trope goes, everything apart from rap and country
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post #155894 :: 2022.05.10 7:22am
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these days i really will try anything, there's not much out there where i'd flat-out hate it. always something to glean or enjoy. that said, let's see here:

my vgm phase had its fever pitch in middle and high school, though of course i still listen to vgm sometimes. Sakuraba was my biggest homie, lots of Mitsuda too...

i had a (mostly prog) metal phase in early high school and that's one thing i don't typically return to, though i don't hate it. Dream Theater was my favorite band when i was like 15

late high school was my BIG post-rock and ambient phase, which was probably the most formative one, i tried writing some music like that in my late teens and learned several songs on piano by the americana-ish chamber ensemble Balmorhea. their sound & their incorporation of field recordings is still a huge inspiration for me all these years later. 65daysofstatic are another huge inspiration i still listen to, also The Album Leaf.

at the end of hs i also had a little "gypsy punk" arc which is Gogol Bordello's thing, along with a few adjacent artists like DeVotchKa and the World/Inferno Friendship Society. that ended up also sending me on a journey through Balkan brass music and other forms of folk around the world... and some other brass band music, i always thought Youngblood Brass Band was really cool for mixing brass jams with hip-hop

in college i mainly listened to indie and alt rock / folk / pop, another thing that i still keep up with - lots of wonderful people writing beautiful tunes out there, with lasting favorites including Rocky Votolato, of Montreal, Bright Eyes, and Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground

while i was in music school i also got into minimalism and post-minimalism like Steve Reich, John Adams and David Lang

after college i was depressed and listened to a lot of the National and Radiohead lol, also got into some more underground hip-hop that i'd looked into before then, mostly anticon and rhymesayers type stuff but i enjoy the classic stuff too...

Tigran Hamasyan was the guy whose music helped me escape depression and that sent me on a wild journey of trying to find more a) proggy jazz and b) jazz with clear electronic influences, landing me in various flavors of nu-jazz around Europe and Japan.

i got really into Japanese math rock and indie rock too after hearing the band tricot, who i think are just perfect. but that led me to explore a lot of their scene, like Number Girl and Masu

my original penchant for glitch music came from world's end girlfriend and kashiwa daisuke, WEG runs a label now but before that they were on noble records so i've explored those catalogs looking for more

these days very into Japanese avant-garde jazz scene, of which this crazy prolific guy named Naruyoshi Kikuchi seems very involved - super into his stuff and the music of his peers

man i could keep writing stuff if i wanted, i guess that's why i will just try anything these days! i've had so many arcs at this point, and done so many deep genre dives (it's a major way i find new stuff). those are the ones that, so far, define my tastes the most though i think. the other thing is that i'm especially interested in music that clearly fuses two distinct genres
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post #155896 :: 2022.05.10 10:03am
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post #155911 :: 2022.05.10 1:34pm :: edit 2022.05.10 1:35pm
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here’s a bunch of examples (not a definitive list)
[T]rack, [A]lbum, [C]ompilation

glitch, clicks+cuts, minimal
this is music that i find interesting if i pay attention to it and yet
in the background it stays out of my way. i can always go to this kind
of music and not be overwhelmed
• [A] jan jelinek - loop finding jazz records ⏵
• [A] gramm - personal rock ⏵
• [C] clicks & cuts 2 ⏵
• [A] snd - tenderlove ⏵

electro (not house)
i should listen to more stuff coming out of cpu records and i keep
• [T] the other people place - let me be me ⏵
• [T] nullptr - bit device ⏵

detroit-style techno
still sounds like the future!
• [T] psyche - crackdown ⏵
• [T] urban tribe - covert action ⏵

dub techno
quite “samey” music, but i like repetition and sameness a lot so it
works for me. clean and well produced sounds. i also like mixes like
these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUH-rWmb5y8 whilst
doing stuff.
• [T] rhythm & sound - carrier ⏵
• [C] scion - arrange and process basic channel tracks ⏵
• [A] monolake - cinemascope ⏵

ambient techno
early warp records stuff is my favourite, bleep techno gets an
honourable mention as well
• [T] atypic - focus mel ⏵
• [T] speedy j - de-orbit ⏵
• [T] autechre - maetl ⏵

other stuff
• [T] autechre - surripere ⏵
• [T] boards of canada - nlogax ⏵
• [T] lfo - lfo (leeds warehouse mix) ⏵
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post #155995 :: 2022.05.12 4:26am
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I grew out of listening to only Elvis and Fearofdark years ago (what a combination), but now it's pretty much all rockabilly, classic blues, celtic, funk and others I can't think of right now. Jazz/big band sometimes.

My workout playlist is a bunch of songs from Jet Set Radio and Friday Night Funkin'. I kinda feel stupid about it but it has the right vibe.
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post #156009 :: 2022.05.12 8:55am
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Here's one I bet you never expected to hear: Reggae!

I have two playlists. One is what I listen to while working on my PC, the other is basically everything else. The PC playlist is mostly digital fusion/funk with a few reggae songs thrown in. The other playlist has tons of stuff, most of it is either jazz, reggae, rock, classical, or country.
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post #156011 :: 2022.05.12 9:42am
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scion arrange and process basic channel tracks is one of the best mixes i can think of, the original source material was already great and scion blends it together seamlessly

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