Bug report? This profile and their entries redirects back to your current page
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post #155438 :: 2022.04.29 3:06am
  nitrofurano liēkd this
Doesn't matter which page it is, clicking on syphilis' stuff always redirects you to the page you're currently on
Going to their profile directly just brings up the standard BotBr not found page

I have no idea if this is even intentional or not, but if it is, I'd rather have the links bring you to a 404 page instead of redirecting you to the current page, just so feedback on that is more clear
Level 29 Hostist
post #155447 :: 2022.04.29 12:44pm
this is not a bug
it was suggested to me that i be transparent
tho i don't really feel like sharing what happened
the links are not redirecting
the urls in the links are blank so they are loading the same page
Level 23 Pedagogist
post #155448 :: 2022.04.29 1:20pm
  3-UP liēkd this

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