Where do you imagine BoTB in the future (1 year, 5 years, 10 years)?
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post #155228 :: 2022.04.22 12:38pm
had an idea in my head that I want to share. I honestly think that BoTB will stay somewhat the same culturally for about a few more years but have alot of different people. maybe in the far future we'll have pit fights.
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post #155229 :: 2022.04.22 12:44pm
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items by 2030
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post #155230 :: 2022.04.22 1:32pm
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ViLXDRYAD banned, third messagin platform bridge, demoscene n homebrew compos, kleeder sysop, moving to another irc network
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post #155356 :: 2022.04.27 6:24am
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in 2040 the only formats will be allgear and doom
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post #155421 :: 2022.04.28 2:44pm
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In 2096, BotB will become a multitrillion dollar organization, and will RULE ALL THE WORLD!!! mwaahhahahahah.
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post #155467 :: 2022.04.29 11:44pm
In the far future, BotB will host every single competition in the world, and profile points will be used to determine creditworthiness.
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post #157754 :: 2022.06.27 3:50pm
  tennisers liēkd this
according to the stats page BotB has been growing slowly but steadily for over a decade, picking up the pace over the last few years especially. the site is however yet to have what might be called a 'viral moment' - the growth isn't punctuated with any sudden spike in interest or burst of new users, just gradual accretion.

i think it's inevitable that, sooner or later, some BotBr or other is going to be involved in some project which goes mainstream (probably an indie game OST) and fans interested in digging up more of their work will find BotB en masse.

i wonder how the community will handle the flood of new members (most of whom will likely have no connection to or interest in the chiptune/demoscene subculture). it will be BotB's great acid test.

i wouldn't dare try & predict a deadline for a black swan event like that. might as well speculate on dogecoin.
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big lumby
post #157758 :: 2022.06.27 4:45pm
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opm european sysop 2028

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