does anyone use/know any good stuff to use while making hyperpop or chip in fl studio?
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pls clarify which genre ur answering for with [chip] or [hyperpop] at the top it would be very helpful thank you in advance
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for chip-sounding music, some good free options for VSTs are magical 8bit plug (sounds like NES), c700 (sounds like SNES), and genny (sounds like Genesis and also has an FL-integrated version of the plugin)

you can also find samples and soundfonts of like, old commodore sfx and stuff to get the vibe... honestly soundfonts are also a good option now that FL 20.9 got the soundfont player back.
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Few recommendations: A wavetable synth (I use Serum - Vital is free and does most of what Serum accomplishes), and an 8-bit wavetable of sorts.

I offer one here:, among a ton of other things - SerumSCC.wav is the wavetable described above.

Dexed is a DX7 synth emulator, but you can also use it as a cheap lo-fi ish FM synth. The interface... isn't great, so probably look into that genny thing dami mentioned alongside this.

If your DAW sampler has a "no interpolation" resampling option, then the ST-xx files (ST-xx from my archive are perfect for that Amiga vibe.

Konami includes a bunch of arcade Konami sounds (SFX, Percussion, Stabs, guitars, all that fun stuff), includes wav sounds and also some DX7 files (.syx, load those into Dexed).

If you want something less spread across multiple other things and have about $150 or so to spend, I've heard good things about Super Audio Cart - this is a Kontakt library, it works in the player version (which is free), I believe you get a ton of systems with it (but because it's a Kontakt library, it's sampled rather than recreated)
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