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post #151253 :: 2022.01.25 3:03pm :: edit 2022.01.29 11:52am
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Hello! In the year 2017 I wrote a lengthy proposal for a MIDI+ format. Another similar version was requested later in a separate thread.

At the time of my post I believe it was mootbooxle who suggested we have XG as a format, and I think someone else may have said something similar on moviemovies1's post. Even though I was in peak XG appreciation mode in 2017, I was naive, I was too fixated on the concept of a mixist MIDI format, and most of all I was simply unaware of this format-unifying piece of software
. I not only didn't advocate for it, I basically advocated AGAINST it.

We all make mistakes when we're young. My apologies.

I can not personally vouch for the software, but I KNOW some of us can, and it appears to be emulation of the standard in its original and true form. sulkaritari and some others were telling me about it in the chat, perhaps just around xmas, and that is what got all three of my brain cells working. I'm hoping this post will get those who aren't living in hardware-only XG land to reach out.

I will now list the reasons I feel that this should be a format, bulletpoint style, just as I did in 1998 when I convinced my parents that I needed a gameboy pocket so I could play Pokemon:

– unique soundset and limitations
– we love esoteric, antiquated music formats with inherent limitations
– free/abandonware emulation
– hardware rendering available
– file type can be created multiple ways
– midi was one of the most active categories last year(!)
– our secondary .mid format is also quite popular
– Poliwhirl is so cute and cool (ack, wrong list)
– imagine how dope a golden XG badge
would look
– we already have a fantastic lyceum entry on the topic
– Midori already supplied the perfect XG major art(!)

I know this could potentially create "why not an SC55 format" and basically every other ROMpler that's received emulation responses, but I think the very key component (and the primary reason this has felt like a good idea to me) is that XG is its own standard, similar to MT32 or MSGS.

I can also imagine (at least in older botb days) the "we don't need another midi format" response, but don't forget we have eight .mod formats only delineated by their size, four(??) NES formats, two mariopaint formats, etc etc and we love them all.

In keeping with MSGS/MT32 justifications, I imagine it would be chipist. (Plus when I submit one-module XG music as wildchip no one complains)

I was talkin' in the chat about XG and was told there's a free emulator for it that Yamaha made and I think it'd be really cool as a format if it still exists

Took out lines about not being sure if the upload I linked is legitimate, as chat indicates that it is and has also been backed up to

Added the lyceum article and Midori's "future battles" art that were linked, to keep my bulletpoint list Robust.
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post #151265 :: 2022.01.25 7:10pm
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i've been wanting an xg format too. it would be awesome
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post #151269 :: 2022.01.26 11:00am
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We need Yamaha XG
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post #151283 :: 2022.01.27 12:05pm
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I agree
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post #151284 :: 2022.01.27 12:10pm
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MiDoRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii check this out! Wheeeeeere aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?
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post #151308 :: 2022.01.28 7:42pm :: edit 2022.01.28 7:42pm
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this would be so cool, never worked with XG before myself. there's even already a lot of info about it on the lyceum which feels like an important step towards there being a new format!
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post #151319 :: 2022.01.29 10:59am
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All the yes ~
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post #151342 :: 2022.01.30 1:01pm
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post #151364 :: 2022.01.31 6:57am :: edit 2022.01.31 8:03am
those of us with hardware XG synths that surpass what SYXG50 can offer - can we use those extra features? (in my case I have a MU128 mk2)

would love to use this thing more on its own and this would be a perfect excuse to return to botb too (so i can get the funny badge)

edit: ok syxg50 or mu50 only
please put that on the xg article

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